Friday, August 22, 2008

It was a great way to spend the afternoon

But encourage one another daily, Hebrews 3:13
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Jane and I decided to attend the WMU meeting at the K'ekchi' church around the block from our apartment. My tutor, Chus, is the pastor's wife. She had told me about their meetings one day while studying. The ladies in this church meet every Thursday at 2:30. I hope to start attending more in the future. We went expecting to have a Bible study time with them but instead found out when we arrived that they were going to be making a ministry visit at the local hospital this week. One of their members was hurt at work on Wednesday and was in the hospital. They invited us to go with them. Of course we wanted to go, but quickly reminded ourselves that they would be walking and the hospital is on the other side of town. We went anyway. (I was really wishing I had worn better shoes). It only took us about 15-20 minutes to get over there.
The hospital is divided into a women's section, a men's section, and a children's section. Because it was a man we were visiting, we went to the men's section. We wondered how this would be with all these women in the men's section of the hospital. There is one large room with several beds in it. We talked about how sad it would be to have to stay in a place like that. We are sooo blessed to have access to good medical care!
There were probably around 30 people who were there to visit this man. They gathered around his bed, prayed, sang songs, and offered him encouragement. It was very sweet to watch them minister to him. As they were singing and praying, I noticed all the other patients and their visitors watching and listening. What a great witness they were to all those around.
When we were about to leave, a man came up to me and ask me if Jane and I would come pray for his dad. His dad is diabetic and will most likely lose part of his foot. We were honored to pray for him and encourage him. He was a believer but was from a town several hours away. What a great opportunity that was for us.
I left really encouraged and excited about the things I had seen and been able to take part in. It wasn't what I thought I was going to do, but was so much more than I could have imagined.

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