Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ending the day with a nice date

"Be joyful always" 2 Thes. 5:16
Today started with another K'ekchi' class. We won't meet again for a week and 1/2 because of our upcoming team.

After class we spent a good bit of the afternoon purchasing the last of our team food and supplies. We are getting everything packed up and ready for their arrival on Saturday. We also had our weekly prayer meeting time.

Today we did something that I don't think we have done before. Not because I, Regina, have not wanted to, but David has refused. We actually sat down and did our homework together. Not together as in copying each other's work but we were actually in the same room at the same time working on it individually. We only have one dictionary to share so that does make it hard for us to work at the same time but today we managed.

Tonight was a special treat. We have a really nice restaurant next door to our apartment. Their kitchen is right outside our bedroom window. Their hours are 6:30 am - 10:00 pm. The good thing about that is the great smells that come our way, but the bad thing is the tremendous amount of noise they make especially early in the mornings and late at night. They do have great food though.

Tonight we walked over and had a nice dinner together. They serve a lot of pastas and homemade pizzas. When you order a pasta dish they usually will put these cloth bibs on you so that you do not get it on your clothes. You feel silly but appreciate it when you drop something. Does anyone else have this habit or is it just us??? ha

Anyway, we had a great night together just enjoying each other's company and a great meal together. We head back into the city tomorrow, so more life in the fast lane. We sure have enjoyed our few days around the house. Please pray for our traveling safety.


  1. I like the bibs. makes you look very dashing.
    Sharon and I are continueing to pray for you guys. You seem to always be not far from our memory.
    this week we have mission teams here in New Mexico from Deer Park, Tx. Helping a church with vbs and mission projects. we also have the joy of being with our grandchildren so sharon (mimi) is in hog heaven.
    blessings and joy.
    Joseph and Sharon Tillery

  2. Oh, my mouth started watering just THINKING about where you guys were! The hostel was always my (Patti's) favorite place!!!

  3. All of my nursing patients wear those same cloth bibs during every meal!


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