Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Service & Siesta

"But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him." Habakkuk 2:20
Today we attended a K'ekchi' church which was only about 40 minutes away. This was a short drive for us compared to most of our other Sunday's. The church was Iglesia Bautista Arca de Noe (Noah's Ark Baptist Church). The sign in this photo was posted in the church. The top sign is Habakkuk 2:20 in K'ekchi' and the bottom sign says please turn off your cell phones. It is funny to think that as remote as this church was that cell phones are a problem in their services. We still heard several ringing in spite of what was posted.

We try to visit a different congregation every Sunday. Each week we give our greetings to the people there. We have ours written out and started sharing them ourselves back in March. We know Jim was relieved for us to start this so that he did not have to translate for us week after week.

Rickey gave greetings on behalf of the group. He really cracked up the congregation with his words. He said," my name is Rickey, this is my brother Nickey, and this is Jackie. We are glad to be here and we will be praying for you." He immediately gave the microphone back to Jim and rushed off the stage. Talk about short and sweet. It was very funny but heartfelt. The people got a kick out of him.

Jackie, Regina, Nickey, Rickey, & David

This is what we did after lunch. It's been a busy week but an awesome one. We have had the most fun together. Pray for our travels tomorrow as we will be heading back into Guatemala City. They fly home on Tuesday.

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