Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Celebrating Guatemala's Independence Day 2018

Saturday was Independence Day in Guatemala.   I try to make it a celebratory day just like I do for U.S. holidays.  Guatemala is where the boys were born so I want them to have fun memories of us celebrating it each year.  We have a few traditions that we like to do on that day that the boys look forward to.  Here is what we did this year.

We began the morning with a typical Guatemalan breakfast.  I made scrambled eggs, black beans, and fried platanos. Afterwards we took our family picture.

our family celebrating the Quince 2018

Almost every town in Guatemala celebrates with parades.  Since moving to the Department of Chiquimula back in 2012 we have always watched the parade in Camotan (where we initially lived).  After moving to the City of Chiquimula back in 2015 we would still drive out to Camotan to watch the parade there.  We always enjoy seeing some familiar faces while we are there.

Here are the boys at the Camotan Central Park before the parade began.

Here is a look at Cruz over the years sitting in the Camotan Park on the Quince.  The only exception is last year when we were on Stateside Assignment.  That photo was taken in Montgomery, AL while on our roadtrip to South Carolina.  Even in the States we were celebrating Guatemala.

The parade begins.

David and the boys watching the parade

I loved these bright colored dresses!

Afterwards we drove back into Chiquimula and had lunch at Pollo Campero.  That is something else we do every year.

Our afternoon dessert was this Guatemalan flag cake I make every year.  It is one of the boys favorite things about the Quince.

I cooked a pot of black beans for supper and we ate them over rice.  I also made dobladas de queso to go with it.  The boys neighbor friend came over and spent the evening playing with them.

We enjoyed one final treat that evening- jello jigglers with whipped cream to look like the Guatemalan flag. 

fun and delicious

We had a great day and enjoyed celebrating a country that we all love so much.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Weekend Wanderings

We spent some time in Guatemala City last weekend after dropping our team off at the airport.  On Friday afternoon we made a visit to Antigua.  We stayed around long enough to eat supper at San Martin.  It is one of my current favorite places to eat.  It was our first time to eat at the Antigua location.

 supper at San Martin in Antigua, Guatemala

Just as we finished eating it began to rain so we slowly made the drive back to our mission house in Guatemala City for the night.

On Saturday we visited the zoo.  We love the zoo in Guatemala City!  We have been several times and always enjoy it.

We have been studying animals in our science class so the boys were extra excited about seeing some of the ones we have been reading about.  Ben was most looking forward to seeing the meerkats.  They are one of the first animals you see after entering.

This was a new exhibit area that had opened since our last visit there.  It housed all of the reptiles. I am terribly afraid of snakes but went in anyway because the boys insisted that I see it.  It was really nice and I think they did a great job of building it.

"Um, mama, you do not want to see this!"

One of their favorite parts of the zoo has always been the splash pad area.  We always let them get soaking wet if they want to.  It is usually warm enough to dry them out pretty quickly.  I just wish I could remember to make them wear crocs instead of tennis shoes.

waiting for the water to come out

I love Ben's face here.

Ben feeding the fish

riding the train

Our favorite part of all was this bird area.  It was our first time to go inside and feed the birds.  You buy a stick with seeds on it and then let the birds land on it and eat.  Cruz was a little nervous to hold the birds but Ben and I loved it.

Ben has now decided that he wants a bird for a pet.

We loved it so much that we went in twice.

After lunch and some playground time we made a stop by the carnival section.  It was clouding up so they each got to choose one thing to do.  Ben rode a car ride and Cruz and I did the bumper cars. 

As soon as they finished it began to storm.  We all ran towards the car and were soaked by the time we got there.

On Sunday morning we attended worship at Union Church and then enjoyed lunch at Denny's.  We did school that afternoon at our mission house to cover Monday's lessons.  I had a few annual check-ups on Monday morning to go to.  After I was done we made the 4+ hour drive back home to Chiquimula.  We were glad to get home but were thankful for a few days of fun in the city.

This week we are focusing on school, Bible studies, and getting ready for our next team that will be arriving on Monday.  We are looking forward to another great week with volunteers.
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