Saturday, October 17, 2020

Fall Break 2020

We took a much needed week off from school last week to enjoy a fall break at the Guatemala coast.  We traveled to Monterrico where we spent several days at a lovely Airbnb condo.  It was very refreshing to be out of the house and get a break from our normal routine.  We spent our days either in the pool or on the sand and spent our nights playing cards and watching movies.   It was a wonderful family vacation!

It is less than two hours from our house to the beach.  I did not realize just how close we were to it from Antigua until this trip.  I feel certain that we will be going back now.

                                                        All loaded up and ready to go.

They were so excited!!

Once we arrived we loaded everything onto this trailer and rode to our room.

face masks for just a few more minutes

We barely got checked in and settled before they were dressed and ready to go swim.  

First stop was the slide.  They spent the majority of our trip in this area.  We immediately spotted another missionary family who had just checked in as well.  We were so excited to have them there with us.  It made our trip extra fun having someone to share it with.  We were there during the week and pretty much had the place to ourselves.  It was wonderful!!

We would walk down to the ocean in the late afternoons and early mornings.  Guatemala has black sand beaches which get very hot during the middle of the day. 

The sunset on our first night.

With these early risers we were out by 7:00 every day.  So much for sleeping in on vacation. 

a morning snack break by the pool

Playing cards on our patio.

Our last night there.

We did not have to check out until after lunch which gave us an extra half of a day to play.  Before leaving we took a few family photos.

We drove a different route on the way home so we could take the boys on the ferry.   They rode the ferry years ago but were too young to remember it.  It is a fun adventure and we definitely wanted them to have memories of it.

Adios Monterrico!  We cannot wait to visit you again!

Monday, October 5, 2020

Kid's Day 2020

On October 1 we celebrated Kid's Day.  It is a big day in Guatemala.  It is similar to Mother's Day and Father's Day but all about the kids.  

We began the morning with a Dunkin' Donuts breakfast.   I added eggs and black beans to go with it because the boys love them so much.

We then did a full morning of school. 

For many years now I have made this same cake for Kid's Day.  The boys look forward to it.  We enjoyed it on our morning break. 

We finished around noon and then loaded up for a fun afternoon outing.  Our first stop was for lunch at Pollo Campero in Antigua.  This is another Kid's Day tradition of ours.  

Ice cream for dessert before we left.

Walking through Antigua's Central Park.

Next stop was Finca Florencia in Santa Lucia.  It is just a short drive up the mountain from Antigua.  We did a Saturday day trip there several weeks ago with some friends and had a wonderful time.  We have been wanting to return ever since but with it being rainy season it is risky to go in the afternoons.  We decided to try it and had beautiful weather.

The park has trails for hiking and bike riding.  There are open fields for playing and plenty of covered pavilions for grilling.  There are swings and playgrounds spread out everywhere.  It is a perfect place to go for an outdoor, fresh air adventure.  We took a soccer ball and a Frisbee to help pass the time.  The boys played hard!

We spent over an hour hiking through the woods. 

The boys enjoying the mirador (lookout).

There were several families from a local Baptist church there that we got to visit with.  The kids enjoyed getting to play together.  

We stayed until it closed and had a blast.  We cannot wait to go back again soon.

We then drove on to San Lucas to get the boys a haircut.  They both love going to the barber shop!

We ended the day with supper at San Martin. 

Ben being silly while waiting for our food.

It was a great day.  We squeezed in as much as we could.  We all finished the day tired but happy.  We are thankful for these two and the joy they bring to us as parents.  

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