Sunday, October 22, 2017

Homeschool Weeks 7, 8, and 9 (2nd and K)

Homeschool is keeping me busy these days.  I am trying hard to keep us on schedule and in a good routine.  I guard our mornings pretty tight.  We always begin by 8:00 a.m. and go until we finish.  Some days we are done earlier than others.  We are having a lot of fun as you will see in this post.

Our Bible lessons are focusing on the promises of God.  We have learned about the promise of a Savior through the story of Adam and Eve, the promise to the Israelite people, and the life of Joseph.  Our character trait studies have been on love and obedience.  We begin our school days by saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  We then sing a patriotic song and a few Bible songs.  We practice our memory work and do our Bible lesson.  We end by singing a hymn.  I love starting our days with the Word of God.

During our study of the life of Joseph the boys had to draw a few scenes from our lessons.    Here is how they illustrated it:
 1)  Joseph in his coat of many colors 2) Joseph as ruler in Potiphar's house  3) Joseph as ruler in Egypt 4) Joseph being sold as a slave 5) Joseph in prison and 6) Joseph with his father and brothers in Egypt.

Ben's illustrations 

I mentioned that we close our Bible lessons by singing a hymn.  Our curriculum has us learning one hymn a month.  I love that!  We are using the book Treasury of Hymn Histories to learn the stories behind the hymns we are singing.

Our first hymn was "Living For Jesus".   

For our memory work we are continuing to memorize Ephesians 6: 11-20 (The Armor of God).  We are learning one verse a week.  We are up to verse 18.  While on our trip to South Carolina the boys were each given one of these coins to help them remember the verses they are learning.  It is a great keepsake for them.

Here is how Cruz showed up for school one recent morning.  He was proudly wearing his daddy's work name tag.  He is a mess!

In Language Ben is working his way through the alphabet.  We are up to letter N.  We do two letters a week.  
 Ben ready for a language lesson one day.

playing alphabet bingo

In Grammar Cruz completed a chapter on writing poems.  He learned the five steps to writing- plan, draft, revise, proofread, and publish.   He also completed a chapter on nouns.  He learned what a noun is and how to identify common and proper nouns.  He learned how to make nouns plural by adding -s or -es and and plural nouns that change spelling.  He learned to write compound words and how to add commas in a series.  He is also doing weekly journal entries as writing practice.   

writing nouns

Cruz's math lessons have covered addition with regrouping and skip counting by 5's and 10's using pennies and dimes. 

Cruz doing a review of rounding to 10 and estimation

Ben's math lessons have focused on number recognition, number writing, and triangles.

We are using A Reason For Handwriting for our handwriting curriculum.  Cruz practices writing a part of a scripture verse each day and then on Friday has to write it as a test.  Here are his scriptures from the last three weeks.

We use All About Spelling.  Here is Cruz sorting the letter tiles before a lesson one day.  I am sure you noticed he has on no shirt and safety glasses- what kind of school am I running?  HA

Ben wearing safety glasses one day while doing an ABC Mouse lesson.  He does one lesson each day. 

Cruz helping his brother do ABC Mouse.

Cruz does Explode the Code online.  We began in Book 1 and will work our way through all the levels using it as a phonics review.  He does an online lesson each day. He was excited to complete Book 2 recently and receive this certificate.

In our read-aloud time we finished this book about a little boy named Penny.  It has such a sweet, surprise ending.

We also read a few pages a day from both of these books-

 For Cruz's daily reading assignments he is reading a story a day from this Bible story book.

Our History lessons have been very fun and interesting.  We finished up our study on Ancient Greece.  We spent several days learning about the Romans, and are now doing a study on the Vikings.  We are learning about their cultures, dress, foods, homes, and so much more.  The boys love our history time.

They also love science.  We are using Sonlight Science A this year.  We have a different theme each day so we are covering a wide variety of topics.  We do science 4 days a week.  We have three days of lessons and one day of experiments.  Our recent topics have been on waves, currents and tides, ice, coasts, caves and caverns, natural resources, endangered species, global warming, and recycling.

Making an "ocean in a bottle" as a science experiment one day while studying waves.

We do our art lessons on Fridays.  We are using Artistic Pursuits for our art curriculum.  The past three lessons have been titled Artists Plan the Space, Artists Fill in Spaces, and Artists Draw in Color.  Here is what they have drawn lately-

They had to draw an object of choice.  Cruz chose his Nerf gun.

They had to observe the outside world around them and draw a scene they saw. 

Cruz drew and painted our neighbor's house

Ben drew and painted our backyard.

Our most recent lesson introduced them to oil pastels.  They were so excited to get to use a new art supply item.  They had to draw and color an underwater scene.

Cruz's underwater picture before he colored it.

Both of their art works using the oil pastels.

They are both continuing to go to speech therapy one day a week.  They love their therapist Mrs. Rene!  They think she is so fun and they get very excited when therapy day rolls around.

Cruz is also continuing his piano lessons one day a week.   He has a daily time to practice as part of our school routine. 

School is fun and we are learning a lot together.  I love this time with my boys!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fall Road Trip 2017 Post 3 of 3

Today's post will be a wrap up of our time with our partner churches in South Carolina.  You can read here about our travel there and here about the first half of our visit.

Thursday was our "day off".  What that means is that it was the only day on our trip that we didn't have a scheduled time to share or be at a planned meal.  We decided to drive about an hour away and spend the day exploring the beautiful Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. 

another fun family outing

We began our visit with a guided tour of the house. 

enjoying the views from the porch while we waited for our tour to begin

After touring the home we walked down to the boat dock and took a boat tour along the Ashley River.

me and the boys ready for our boat ride

We saw some beautiful wildlife and even a few alligators too.

the boys enjoyed the petting zoo

and we all enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  It is a great place to visit and one I would recommend if you are in the Charleston area.

Driving back across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge to Mount Pleasant.  Of all the sights in the Charleston area this bridge was by far my favorite.  It is just beautiful day and night.

On Thursday evening we got to enjoy a date night.  It was so much fun getting to go out and explore a little on our own.  We drove to Shem Creek and had a delicious meal at Vickery's.

Doesn't this look yummy?  We had the Lowcountry Sauté.  It was shrimp, crab meat and crawfish tails over creamy grits and finished with fried oysters.  I think I would drive back to South Carolina  just to eat this again.

The restaurant is located on Shrimp Boat Lane.  I love that name.   You can see several shrimp boats docked there along the piers. 

What a beautiful view we had from our outside table.

We spent the rest of our date night taking an evening walk across the bridge that I mentioned earlier.  It has some jogging/ walking lanes along the side.  I thought it would be a fun memory of something for us to do. And just look at the sunset view we had to look at as we walked.  It was gorgeous!

an evening stroll across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge from the Mount Pleasant side

And where were the boys while we were out having all that fun?  They were back home at the Masons having their own fun night with Ben and Hillary.  They offered to babysit for us.  Ben is the Mason's son and Hillary is the missions director at LifePark.  Our family loves them!  They have both been down to Guatemala many times and are so sweet to our boys.  They were treated to supper at Chick-fil-A and then spent the evening building with Legos.  I think they had just as much fun as we did.

On Friday we had a lunch meal with Mrs. Jo at Mellow Mushroom.  She has been to Guatemala several times but it was before we took over the partnership.  We enjoyed getting to know her and hearing her heart for missions. 

Cruz at Mellow Mushroom in Mount Pleasant

Ben at Mellow Mushroom

That afternoon we visited the Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw.   

We loved getting to walk around to all of the cages and see the different birds they have there but our most favorite thing of all was the flight demonstration show.  It was really cool!

learning about birds

On Friday night Mrs. Trina prepared a delicious home cooked meal.  It was more like a feast!  Ben and Hillary joined us all for supper and then we spent the rest of the evening sitting around the table playing Phase 10.  It was a really fun night (even though I didn't win the card game).

On Saturday we had a wonderful picnic lunch/ visit with the Gowdowns.  They too have served on past teams.  They took us to Daniel Island and we enjoyed a taco salad meal overlooking the river.

After eating we all walked along the pier and took in the beautiful views.

We then drove across town to visit this playground/ park.  They thought it would be a fun place for the boys to run and play. They loved it!

Our boys with the Gowdowns
They are a sweet couple and we loved getting to spend some extra time with them.

As soon as we left the Gowdowns we drove straight to the Matthew's house to begin a visit with them.  They had a fun afternoon/ evening planned for us. 

Our first stop was in downtown Charleston for a horse and carriage tour.  I was so excited!

As I mentioned in my last post we did a walking tour of downtown Charleston on Sunday.  I loved getting to return and tour some more of it again.  It is a beautiful place!

downtown Charleston, SC

they then walked us through the Charleston Market

They drove us out to the Isle of Palms to see the Atlantic Ocean.  It was our first time to visit it.  Mr. Dave lived there for many years so he told us some of the history of the area.  It was a fun tour.  The Church at LifePark has their baptismal services there so now when they post photos we will have a little better understanding of where they are. 

Ben writing his name in the sand.  My boys have now been to the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

We ended the evening and visit with a seafood supper at RB's on Shem Creek.   It was fun to let the boys see the shrimp boats while we waited for our table. We also saw another gorgeous sunset.

Here they are with the Matthews while we waited on our table.  Mr. Dave is one of my favorite people.  I love getting to spend time with him.   I was glad to get to meet his wife and spend a little time with them together.  They are so much fun and showed us a wonderful time.

ready for church on Sunday morning

We were at LifePark and got to share in all three of their morning services.  Cruz even got to share in one of his classes.  It was so good to be there and enjoy worship with them. 

The boys with Bro. Chad- the pastor at LifePark.  We have hosted him a few times in Guatemala too and love him.

On Sunday evening we had a special treat of getting to attend the wedding of Liz, the missions director at FBC.  I love the story of how God brought her and Sam together.  It was a sweet wedding and a great way to end our visit there.

the boys with Liz
It was their first wedding to attend.

us with the newlyweds
We wish them many long years of wedded bliss.

Lastly, I will close with one last photo of the boys with the Masons.  It was taken late Sunday night when we returned home from the wedding.  I just cannot say enough good things about the two of them.  They opened their beautiful home to us for 9 nights.  I am sure it was not always pleasant for them but they hosted us with much love and grace.  They made us feel warm and welcomed every minute of our stay.  They are the kindest, most loving, generous, and caring people.  They showered our boys with love and encouraged me greatly as a parent of young boys.  Our trip there would not have been as special without our extra time with them.  I am thankful for God-loving people like them in our lives.   They make me smile!

Our visit to Mount Pleasant was ending but our trip as a whole had a few more days to go.  I will post about our grand finale next.
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