Monday, November 2, 2020

November 2020 Newsletter

First Gear
It feels a little like baby steps around here as we slowly try to ease back in to more face to face ministry opportunities.  We are eager to get back out but at the same time we are trying to be careful and cautious.

Many churches started opening again just last month but following the strict guidelines put in place by the government. Continue to pray for the pastors and church leaders as they make decisions for their congregations.   Pray that they can find ways to safely meet and not have any outbreaks. The virus is still active here but with the removal of most of the restrictions it is easy to forget about it and let our guards down.

Traveling Again
During October David was able to make two trips over to the Chiquimula area.  The boys and I joined him on one of those trips this past weekend.. Cruz got to take a friend which made the trip extra fun and special. 

We have stayed in contact with the people there during the whole pandemic but it is not the same as being able to encourage them in person.  We made a few home visits.  One of those was with a family of unbelievers in the village of Lagunetas.  The oldest daughter has reached out to me several times during the pandemic.  I assured her that I would visit her on my next trip over.  We were able to catch her whole family at home including her father whom we have only ever seen just a few times.  In addition to talking and catching up, David was able to share a Bible story with them and some words of encouragement from the scriptures.  We were well received in their home and it encouraged our hearts. 

We worked for several years in this village and sadly never could get any church plant started. At times it was very discouraging.  Being invited back to visit gives us hope and reminds us that God is still working in the hearts of the people there. Pray for Blanca, her family, and many, many more in that village who have no hope in Christ. 

The pandemic has been hard on the whole world but has especially hurt those who were already struggling even before it began.  Our trip back to that area reminded us to pray even harder for those who are more vulnerable and just trying to survive day to day.  Would you join us in praying that prayer as well?

A highlight of our trip was getting to attend Sunday morning worship in the village of Nearar. It was our first time to be in a church service since March. What a joy that was!  This pandemic has definitely taught us to not take for granted the privilege of meeting together with fellow believers. 

They have been meeting again for several weeks and invited us to come and join them for a service.  David preached a challenging message to them about growing in their faith and being a light in their village.  We felt like our visit was a great encouragement to them and a reminder that they are loved and not forgotten.  We look forward to returning again soon to not only worship but make more visits in the area.

Continue to lift up the village of Nearar and the work there.  Pray for Rafael as he leads the church and that the members would remain faithful even during these trying times.

Fall Break
Homeschool is going well.  Thank you for praying for our study time!  Mid-October we took a week off and spent a few days at the Guatemala beach.  It was a fun, relaxing time and a much needed break from school, routine, and our house.  You can visit this link to read about our trip- Fall Break 2020

As we look forward to celebrating the holiday season may we all remember just how blessed we are and thank God that even in a year like 2020 we still have much to be thankful for. 

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