Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Our Last Few Days

If there is one thing I am relieved about being over it is definitely the packing process we have gone through over the past week.  It is so stressful and mentally tiring.   I am so glad to have that behind us.  I am not looking forward to unpacking either but I will deal with that later this week.

the joys of packing

We did school Monday - Thursday of last week.  When we were not doing that we were either packing or visiting.  I did not do a great job of getting pictures with everyone we saw.  We had supper with the Browns on Monday night, with David's dad on Tuesday night, and with my dad on Friday night.  I have already blogged here about Wednesday's Valentine's Day celebration and Thursday's early birthday celebration.  It was a full week for sure.

On Saturday afternoon my mom watched the boys while David and I made a final run to Wal-Mart for last minute things.  We caught up with them downtown where they were playing and watching the trains.

my mom, me, and my Aunt Nita

 Aunt Nita and the boys

We also dropped off Lucy and Charlie at my mom's house.  We are going to miss them but I know she will take good care of them for us.  They have been fun pets for the boys.

On Saturday night we met some of David's family at the local fish house for supper.  It was great to enjoy that meal one more time.   It is one of our favorites.

When we finished eating we all enjoyed cake to celebrate the February birthdays.  Several of us are celebrating this month.

 the boys with their Aunt Robin (David's sister)

Sunday was an adventure.  It was our last day in the States and we had a lot to accomplish that day.  All of those plans were quickly changed when early that morning we discovered a pipe had come undone in our master bathroom and flooded the bathroom and hallway of the mission house where we were living.  We just cannot catch a break!  So, instead, we spent most of the day cleaning up water and drying things out.  It added a few extra loads of unexpected laundry also.

We got everything done just in time to make a final trip to our storage shed to drop some things off.  We also made a final visit with both of our moms and David's grandmother.

 the boys with Maw Maw Farmer
She will turn 94 in April

Larsen and the boys 

one last picture with my mom

We ended the night at the local Mexican restaurant having supper with our friends the Browns.  

Sunday night was our last night in the States.  We finalized all packing and as I like to say "it was all over but the crying."  We traveled back to Guatemala on Monday.  I will post about that next.  

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us over those last few days.  We felt your love and prayers.  Even in the most stressful of moments I still had a sense of peace.  I know that was from prayer.  Thank you.  We have a great support group!

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