Friday, January 19, 2018

Life Lately

Here is a look at our lives over the past two weeks.

Like many of you we were glued to the television watching the College Football National Championship game.   I made a pot of chili and a pan of brownies to eat while we watched it.  We didn't get the channel on our television so we hooked our computer up to our projector and watched it on the screen.  It was a good game but it ended late.  I was kicking myself the next morning for staying up so late when I had to get up for school. 

ready for the kickoff

On Tuesday afternoon of that week we had a fellowship with our homeschool group at the local library.  Everyone brought board games and cards and we spent some time playing.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a cold afternoon.

In school we had been reading a book called Out of Darkness.  It was a story about Louis Braille.  While at the library we found a braille book for the boys to look at and feel.  A worker there, when she realized what we were doing, took the boys around and showed them some of the braille on the signs posted around the library.  They enjoyed getting to touch and see some of what they had been learning about.

This was one of the games that a family brought to the library that day.  The boys really enjoyed playing it so much so that we stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home and bought our own.  We have since been playing it almost daily.  I love that they are old enough now to play games.  It is becoming a fun family activity for us.

supper at Krystal- another family favorite

Last Saturday morning we drove to First Baptist Jackson to watch Sara Madalin play basketball.  After her game we all went out for lunch at Sal and Mookie's.

That night they drove down to Brookhaven and we all went to see the circus.   We were excited.  Our family loves the circus!

ready for the show to begin

On Sunday morning we went to church with my mom at Shady Grove.  We ate lunch with her at Stark's and then spent some time playing games at her house.  The boys introduced her to their Monopoly Junior.  Cruz had requested her to bake a chocolate pie so we also enjoyed that.

Later that afternoon we went to the nursing home to visit my Aunt Betty.  She really enjoyed getting to see the boys.

On the way back to my mom's house we stopped by Lake Hazle to feed the ducks. 

That was a lot of fun for the boys.

Mimi and the boys

swinging at Lake Hazle

Monday was nice and sunny and then Tuesday everything changed.  Like most everywhere else in this part of the country the temperatures dropped and the snow began to fall.  We loved seeing the snow again but these cold days and nights have been miserable.  We have spent most all of this week inside.  I am so ready to get back to a warm climate. 

The boys played in the snow for just a short time but I only stepped out long enough to take their picture.  It was just too cold for me. 

We didn't make snow ice cream but we did make snow cones.  At least that is what the boys called their cups of snow with kool-aid poured over it.

We didn't take any snow days off but instead did a full week of school.  In addition to our regular lessons I added in a few winter crafts.  One of those was a salt painting project.  We made snowflake shapes. 

I made pancakes and bacon one morning but just served them normal.  Cruz took his and turned it into a snowman.  I smiled when he showed me.  I have taught him well.

After being in the house for three days straight we were eager to get out.  On Thursday afternoon we visited the library to return some books and pick up some new ones.  I have really enjoyed having access to the local library.   We go every week and check out books and movies.  It will definitely be one of the things I will miss about the States.  We recently checked out the Narnia series.  We have watched all three movies and the boys have really enjoyed them. 

I am glad it's Friday!  I am also glad that the weekend weather is going to be much warmer.   I hope to get outside and enjoy it.

 How about you?

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