Friday, August 11, 2017

First Day of School 2017 Second Grade and Kindergarten

We kicked off a new homeschool year this week.  After several weeks of being on the go I was looking forward to starting back to school and getting back into a more settled routine.  Here is how we celebrated the first day of school.

When the boys went to bed the night before I put out a few decorations for them to find the next morning. 

I had purchased their school supplies but didn't let them see them until the first morning of school.  I had them spread over the table to see that morning.  On a side note when I look back at this photo I realize that I am a little partial to Crayola. 

While in the States we will be doing school at the dining room table.  I like our set-up but miss my Guatemala homeschool room and all my stuff.

Breakfast was banana pancakes, sausage, and fruit. 

this one was too funny not to include

Just like in the past I did some first day of school pages to add to their memory books.

I do a letter and number writing sample on the first day of school, first day of second semester, and the last day of school to have for comparison. 

I have the boys write their names on the first of each month.

a first day of school self portrait

I think Ben's self portrait looked more like what I was feeling ha

When we finished class we went to a local park for a picnic and some play time.  The boys asked for Ward's popcorn chicken.  It is their current favorite food.  

first day of school picnic at the park

I surprised them with this cookie cake for our dessert.

me and my boys on the first day of school

There is not much I enjoy more these days than getting to be their teacher.  It is not always an easy job but it is so rewarding.  We covet your prayers for this new homeschool year.  I look forward to sharing with you more of our homeschool adventures in the weeks ahead.

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