Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Father's Day 2017

 Father's Day was very simple around our house this year.  In spite of my trying to make fun plans David insisted that he didn't want to go anywhere this year.  He usually takes the day off from his mountain Bible study and we go to church together at Bro. Elias's church in town.  He didn't do that this year because he wanted to squeeze in all of the services he can in the village before we break for our Stateside Assignment.  Also, for several years now we have gone to a local hotel, Longarone, for an afternoon of swimming, playing, and fun.  Because of all of our upcoming travels David decided not to do that this year either.  The boys were really bummed about it.  They kept saying "but we always go to Longarone for Father's Day!"  I offered a few other fun alternatives but he turned them all down.  Instead we had a quiet celebration at home.

The boys and I did a little decorating the night before.  They made him some Father's Day cards and answered a fun questionnaire for him.

homemade Father's Day cards

For Father's Day breakfast we had chocolate chip banana pancakes, bacon, and fruit.

 David and the boys on Father's Day morning

David spent the morning in Nearar leading Bible study.  I cooked him a big lunch and had it ready for him when he got back home.  Not long after lunch this happened-

all three sound asleep!

After their nap he took them next door to swim a while.  We ate leftovers for supper, and then spent the evening watching The Polar Express.  

A tradition we have in our family is on special occasions we always end the day praying over the person we are celebrating.  Me and the boys took turns telling David something we love about him and then each prayed for him.  It is such a special time and a great way to show our love and appreciation.  

A look back at Father's Day over the years-

family photos are another tradition we have

our family on Father's Day 2017

It was a fun day and I hope we made him feel special.  He tirelessly serves us each and every day making sure we are provided for in every way.  He always puts us first and he never complains.  He sets a great example for us and leads us well. I am thankful for him in many ways but especially that my boys get to call him their father.  He is a good one!

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