Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

We did a Valentine's Day countdown all month so by the time the holiday rolled around the boys were jumping with excitement.  The biggest disappointment came when Cruz realized that in spite of it being a holiday I still had plans to have school.  He was so upset that he had to do school on a holiday even though I assured him that kids all over the world were doing school as well.  I still don't think he believes me but oh well, he survived.

David took the boys to town on Valentine's Day eve to pick out some things for me.  I love that he did that.  I think they enjoyed getting to shop for me.  They came home with flowers, a balloon, and a gift to open the next morning. 

the boys coming home from town with roses and a balloon

my pretty roses sitting on our dining room table

I cooked a big supper that night and had an early celebration

Our dessert was David's gift from me- a pecan pie.  You can see he didn't wait for it to cool before trying it. 

After putting the boys to bed I decorated their bedroom door.  That is something I do on most all holidays.

the boys on Valentine's Day morning

some of their gifts

We enjoyed heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

I started a new tradition this year for our family.  I took the Valentine's Day card exchange idea and turned it into something fun for us to do.  A few days earlier I sat out a bunch of our craft supplies and gave instructions for each of us to make a card for all family members.  They all surprised me at how much they put in to it especially David.  His cards were great!  We hid our cards from each other until Valentine's Day morning and exchanged them after breakfast.  The boys drove me crazy talking about their anticipation to give out their cards.  They were so hyped up about it!

making Valentine's cards for each other

our homemade family Valentine's Day cards

After breakfast we passed out our cards and then went around the table and one by one told the others something that we love about them.  I understand that it sounds like a corny idea but it was really a precious time.  Hearing such thoughtful things said to you from your family was so sweet.  I look forward to doing this again in the years to come. 

Me with my cards and gifts on Valentine's morning.  My guys made me feel very loved.

our family photo
 (a holiday tradition)

After school we drove into town to eat lunch at one of my favorite local spots- Vintage Cafe'. 

the boys enjoying bean tostadas for lunch on Valentine's Day

They spent the afternoon enjoying a playdate with a neighbor friend. 

That night we enjoyed pizza and chocolate cupcakes for supper.

We ended the day by watching our Charlie Brown Valentine's Day movie.  It is a tradition for us.

It was a simple day but a fun one.  I enjoyed celebrating with my little family and making new memories with them.

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