Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This and That

Here is a little of life around here lately-

It's warm around here and the boys have been asking to swim. We recently blew up their inflatable pool and let them spend some time cooling off in it.  The heat gets old at times but we do love living in a year round warm climate. 

swimming on a recent afternoon

We enjoyed getting to watch the Super Bowl.  We try to watch it every year.  My boys might not grow up knowing much about football but I want them to know that it is a big part of American culture. 

As part of our Super Bowl celebration I try to make this football cake every year.  It just adds a little fun to our night.

We had some missionary friends come over and watch the game with us.  We enjoyed pizza and popcorn while watching the game outside in our backyard.  We set up the projector and watched it under the stars.  I love doing that!

our Super Bowl party

Most all of last week Cruz was sick.   He had fever and flu like symptoms similar to what Ben had a few weeks ago.  He seems to be doing better now but it is my turn.  I have felt terrible lately but like all moms you just keep on going, right?

We didn't get to teach our normal Thursday afternoon Bible study last week.  There were some protests taking place and the locals had all the major roads shut down. It had something to do with the cattle farmers not wanting their taxes increased.  

On Friday after school we drove to the town of Istanzuela to renew my Guatemalan driver's license.   It had been five years since my last one and it was going to expire later this month.   You start the process with an eye exam and then herd around through about five different counters getting stamps and signatures, pay your money, take a photo, and your done.  Thankfully it was not very busy that afternoon so the process was fairly quick.  My camera battery died so the next few photos were taken with my phone and are not very good quality.  

my new Guatemala driver's license

They only let the ones that are applying enter the building.  That meant David and the boys had to hang out elsewhere while I was inside.  When I came out I found them at a local ice cream shop enjoying an afternoon treat. 

That night when we got back into Chiquimula we met some friends at a local town park to let the kids play.  We all took bicycles so they could ride.  They had a lot of fun!  A church was having an evangelistic service in the park that night and had plans to show a movie.  While playing and visiting we enjoyed listening to their praise music and later on watching the movie on one of the screens they had set up.  It was a movie based on the story of the prodigal son.  

the kids watching a movie in the park

the boys on Saturday morning ready for a fun morning in town

we took them to the local theater to see Batman

On a side note- we are still learning tips on taking children to the theater. Passing a big bucket of popcorn back and forth is not easy with little ones.  One thing I have learned to do is take ziplock bags for the popcorn.  I put a few in my purse and then when we get seated I just fill them a bag full and they eat without much mess and fighting.  That's just a tip that works for us.


David taught in Nearar Sunday morning and then on Sunday evening we all went to worship at Bro. Fito's church in town.  

A few things to pray about are:  
1)  Our Nearar group has plans to start construction on the new building the last weekend of the month.  Pray that it gets off to a smooth start.  
2)  There are a few people wanting to be baptized from the village of Porto Suelo (praise the Lord!).  Pray for the details of that to be worked out.  
3)  Pray for the health of Nicolas in the village of La Libertad. 
4)  Pray for the father of one of our former agricultural students in the village of Lagunetas.  She recently called to tell us about an accident he had that involved him getting 20 stitches.  Usually when this happens we always get asked for money or help.  David listened to her share and then when he asked if they needed anything she simply said "I just called to ask you to pray for him".  That blew us away.  It is good to know that in time of need she thought to call us for prayer.  So, join us in praying for his recovery.  We tried to visit with them on Saturday afternoon but they were not home.  We hope to return soon.
6)  Continue to lift up Bro. Jose Maria and his congregation in El Palmar.  They have begun meeting in their new building even though it is not completely finished.  Pray that they would grow in numbers and be a lighthouse for the locals in that community.  We plan to join them again for worship soon.
5)  Lastly, Bro. Fito mentioned two churches that he knows of that are struggling and without pastors.  Both are in neighboring departments and not very close to where we are.  Pray for those believers to stay encouraged and for God to send someone to lead them.

 Happy hump day!  Hold on, the weekend is coming.

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