Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This Post Might Make You Hungry

I mentioned in an earlier post that David was in Guatemala City last week attending the Guatemala Baptist Convention.  It was their 70th year.  The boys and I did not go so that meant I didn't get many photos to share.  He did take this one of the group during one of their sessions.

Guatemala Baptist Convention

With David being gone that meant I played single mom for a few days.  It wasn't too bad but I was pretty worn out by the time he returned.  We were all glad to see him and especially glad to see what he brought us home-

The boys with our dozen Dunkin Donuts.  Yummy!  It was a sweet reunion in more ways than one.

We were in Muyurco on Thursday afternoon for Bible study.  Miguel went with us.  During the service he shared some of his testimony and sang a song.  It is so great to see him growing in the Lord!  Thursday afternoons can be our most stressful time of the week.  If something is going to happen or go wrong it is usually just before we walk out the door to leave.  A few weeks ago Ben was stung by a scorpion when putting his boots on for Bible study.   The scorpion was inside his boot and got him on the heel.  This past Thursday David was shaking out Ben's boots before he put them on and there was another scorpion inside.  Thankfully we caught it before anyone got stung.  Then, as the boys were loading up in the car Cruz slammed Ben's fingers in the door.  You dodge one thing only to get hit by another one!  I just start praying and keep praying until we get back home that night.

Miguel sharing in Muyurco

David teaching last Thursday in Muyurco

I spent a lot of time over the weekend cooking.  I got caught up on some baking that I wanted to do as well as some prep cooking for Thanksgiving.  My boys love helping me in the kitchen.  It takes me twice as long to finish and often times causes me great stress but I usually end up letting them help me.  Maybe they'll turn out to be great chefs one day. 

They love to cut and chop.  Here is Ben cutting carrots for a carrot souffl√© he helped me make.  He also cut potatoes for me.

rolling out dough for some homemade cinnamon rolls

We now have several pans in our freezer to enjoy over the next several weeks.

Cruz also helped me but I didn't get his picture.  He and I baked some more homemade bread.  This is such a fun recipe to do with kids.  We also made some honey butter to go with it.  For Sunday breakfast I tried out a new recipe for Blueberry French Toast and blueberry sauce.  We have definitely been eating well lately!

On Saturday night David killed yet another scorpion.  This time the boys got brave and wanted to examine it up close .  David took it into the schoolroom for them to see.  They got out their magnifying glasses and examined it.  They thought that was the coolest thing.  

Afterwards they watched several YouTube videos to learn more about scorpions.  They loved it. Me, well, let's just say I didn't get much sleep at all that night. 

On Sunday morning David and Miguel traveled to Nearar for Bible study.  That night we attended service at Shalom Baptist Church in Chiquimula with Bro. Fito.  We had a great time there and plan to make that our Sunday night base when we are free to attend.  Pray for their upcoming anniversary services taking place this weekend- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. 

David and the boys with Bro. Fito on Sunday night

After church we tried out a new coffee shop called Vintage for supper.  It is decorated with a lot of antique things that the boys found very interesting.  It is a neat little place and I feel sure we'll be returning again soon.

Ben with his frozen naranjada served in what he called "the tallest glass ever!" ha

Our family at the coffee shop on Sunday night.  What a fun way to end the weekend!

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