Monday, September 26, 2016

Homeschool Week 7: Sticking Together

Here is a look at what we have been up to in school.

Our Bible stories were on Abraham and Sarah and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Our doctrinal drill was on sin.  We learned a new song "All Through the Night".   We are continuing to memorize Psalm 34: 8-13.  Below is a video of Ben saying the pledge at the beginning of a recent school day.

In Math Cruz's lesson covered Addition +2.  He also began learning even and odd numbers. 

We have a new game to play to help review his math facts.  It is called Wrap-ups.  I ordered the addition set from Amazon.  So far he loves working it.

He also loves to play this new math game called Sum Swamp.  It covers addition and subtraction.

Here is Ben doing a color by number sheet.  His math lessons were on counting to ten, recognizing numbers 1-6, and writing the number six.

In Language Cruz had a few mastery checks for some phonics songs and drills he has been learning.  We also reviewed the vowels and began reviewing blends.  We learned about policemen as our community helper of the week.

moving his toy bulldozer around the alphabet chart as he sings the song

outdoor reading with his daddy

reading to his brother

Ben matching his sight words

Our History lessons were on Plymouth Plantation and Squanto.

Squanto, friend of the Pilgrims
We are continuing to read a chapter a day through our read aloud book about Squanto.

Cruz making a corn craft

Here is his drawing of a nurse taking care of some sick pilgrims.

The State we learned about was New Hampshire.  It was Cruz's favorite so far.  After watching several YouTube tourism videos about it he has now decided that he wants to live there one day. 

He thought it looked like such a beautiful place with the mountains, ocean, lakes, and snowfall in the winter.  It's the best of all seasons. 

In Science we studied magnets.  They love magnets so this was a fun week for them.

I let them play with their new magnets and paperclips while I read and introduced the topic.

Our first activity was called "Are You Attracted to Me?"  We tested several objects to see which ones would stick to the magnets.  They then played "What is Magnetic in my House?"  They went all over the house with their magnets to see what was attracted to them. 

Their favorite thing in school all week was this activity called Painting With Magnets.  We dipped several paper clips in paint and laid them on white paper.  The paper was placed on a hard plastic placemat.  The boys held their magnets under the placemat and pulled the paper clips around the paper.  It was a really cool activity!

they really loved this!

Ben's turn

Cruz's magnet artwork

Ben's magnet artwork

Big smiles for another fun week in Science.

In Health we learned about the importance of exercise.  We spent our days doing these animal exercises.  One day I let the boys pick which one was their favorite and we made an animal mask to wear while doing them.  Cruz chose the lion and Ben chose the duck.

making a lion mask in Health class

ready for the duck waddle and the lion walk

doing the kangaroo hop

duck waddle

inchworm crawl

frog leap

Our Art lesson was drawing a baby seal.

And lastly, we began making a few things to decorate for fall.  We haven't done much yet but here is a peek at our classroom door so far.  We love our scarecrows!
Happy Fall Y'all! 

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