Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Grade Curriculum Choices

I know that many of our readers may not be interested in our homeschool  posts but there are several who are.  I like reading what other moms are doing and teaching in their homeschool so I thought I would share what we are doing around here.  Here is a look at my homeschool choices for 1st grade.  Most all of them are a continuation of our kindergarten curriculum choices.

For language arts we will continue with Sing Spell Read and Write.  I had purchased a kit that covers kindergarten and 1st grade.  Everything I need is in that one box.  I love how simple that is.  We enjoyed it last year and expect the same in the year ahead.

1st grade Language Arts

For math we will move on to the next level of Math U See called Alpha.  We loved the Primer for kindergarten and are excited about starting this new level.

1st grade math

In Bible we are continuing with Abeka.  I love this curriculum and expect to be using it for many years.  It is thorough and very easy to follow and teach.  I love it!

1st grade Bible

All of these I had already purchased for kindergarten and will be using again in 1st grade, 4th grade, and 6th grade.  That is another thing I love about this curriculum.  Many of the resources are used for multiple grades.

We loved our kindergarten science and expect Intro to Science for 1st grade to be just as fun.  The curriculum is  from Elemental Science.

1st grade Science

these two books go with our 1st grade Science curriculum

We are adding a fun history course to our 1st grade schedule.  I will plan to do it for three days and Science for two.  I chose Adventures in America from Elemental Science.  It looked fun and engaging.  We have plans to be on Stateside Assignment the following year so I thought it would give my boys a little knowledge of America and it's history.  The curriculum is three days a week and covers history for two days and States and Capitals one day. 

1st grade History

These are the read alouds that go with the history curriculum.

I am excited about the fun facts we will learn when studying the States.  This is the book we will use.

I purchased this fun colorful map from Amazon to use when studying the States.  

I like the simple lessons that this Abeka Health, Safety, & Manners teaches.  We will study it one day a week.

We love art projects!  We enjoyed the Abeka Art for K5  book so I am going with the 1st grade level this year.

I plan to incorporate Ben (who is four) into all of our lessons that he wants to sit in on.  I have been amazed at how much he picked up from being in the room with us during kindergarten.   In addition to that I plan to begin working with him individually on his letter recognition, sounds, and numbers.  I purchased the Sing Spell Read & Write K4 level kit and will be using it with him a few days a week.  I was given an old Abeka K4 math instructors manual that I plan to use with him also.  I will use that book along with several Dollar Store math workbooks I picked up while in the States to give him a good introduction to numbers and counting. 

K4 curriculum

Those are our choices.  Looks fun, huh!  I hope we are as pleased with them in 1st grade as we were in kindergarten.

Here is a look at our school room decorated for the new school year. 

our school room door

our focus wall

I'm excited about the new school year and all the fun things we will learn together. 

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