Wednesday, August 3, 2016

FBC Mt. Pleasant,SC July 2016 Team

We just recently finished up a wonderful week with one of our partner churches from South Carolina.  It is very hard to sum up a weeks worth of work and photos into a simple blog post.  There is so much that we saw and experienced that you just do not want to leave anything out.  With that being said here is a summary of our time together-

Our team- me, Kate Lee, Liz, Shelby, Ashton, Veronica, Miguel, 
Tate, Ben, David, Cruz, Shaun, Hope, and Josh. 

Our first day was spent in the village of Chanco.  We began the morning in the local school.  We shared a Bible story with the kids and teachers.  Afterwards we did a craft and played some games.  The afternoon was spent making home visits there.

 some of the Chanco school kids ready for our Bible story time

 playing soccer in Chanco

 our team with the school kids in Chanco

My boys love getting to ride in the back of Miguel's truck on the mountain roads.  It is a highlight of their week.  Here they are with Liz and Tate.

That evening we had a surprise birthday party for one of the team members.  Josh is the youth minister at FBC and we celebrated his day with a Batman themed party.

 a video of us surprising Josh when he walked in the door

 his Batman cake I made when we got in from the village

 The team had planned ahead and brought plates, napkins, a banner, and these cool masks.  It was a fun night!

On Tuesday we traveled up the mountain to the village of Chispan.  It is a new village for us to visit and it was our first time to go and take a team.  Miguel knows a school teacher there and got us an invitation.  There is around 130 kids in the school and we were able to share Bible stories with them during their morning break.  We are looking forward to returning there to share again. 

Kate Lee sharing a Bible story in the village of Chispan

the boys LOVED the game time!

 playing "jump the river" in Chispan

 game time in Chispan

Ashton, Kate Lee, and Hope

Josh, Shaun, and the boys

Hope, Shelby, Ashton, Liz, Veronica, and Kate Lee

When we were done at the school we went on a little hike to make a home visit. 

We were served lunch at the home visit we made in Chispan.  They served chicken soup, tortillas, and grape soda.  We also had cookies and coffee.  It was a treat for our team to experience a local meal.

On Wednesday the team spent the day in the village of La Libertad.  They taught Bible stories in the morning to the school kids and then made visits in the afternoon.  They also visited Jocotan to take in some of the local culture there.

talking with the school kids in La Libertad

 Ashton, Veronica, and Shelby with some school girls in La Libertad

Thursday we began at the school in Nearar.  We had a large group of kids that we were able to tell Bible stories

 teaching the kids in Nearar

Miguel singing a song with the kids in Nearar

Veronica talking with some of the sweet little girls in Nearar

We also took the team to the newly purchased property in Nearar to see it and pray over it.   They had done a lot of work on the land since our June team was there.  Most all of the huge trees had been cut down and ready to be moved.  They are now in the process of building a retaining wall and then having the land leveled.  Please keep praying for this church building process to go smoothly.  The group there is very excited and eager to see it completed.

We had a roadside picnic lunch before traveling on up the mountain for our weekly afternoon Bible study in Muyurco.   Picnic lunches on the side of the road are the norm for our teams.

We had some extra time before starting our Bible study so the team played games with the kids.  Here is Cruz playing "who stole my tortillas?".  It was a fun game that the kids loved.

game time with the kids in Muyurco

The team joined in on the worship time by singing a song for the group in English.  

Josh and Tate taught the Bible lesson

Veronica shared a devotion with the ladies

Liz and Hope helping do story time with the kids

me and my boys in Muyurco

We took one last group photo on Friday morning before leaving Chiquimula heading in to Guatemala City for the night.  The team flew out on Saturday afternoon.

It was a great week and our team did a fantastic job of sharing God's Word in each village.  We are so proud of the way they come prepared and ready to tell their stories and testimonies to the people we encounter along the way.  It is fun to sit back and watch God use them to help reach the people we are working with.  They love the people and the area and it shows through the way they share their lives here each time. Our next group arrives the end of September.  We are already looking forward to having them here with us.  Teams are a lot of work- before, during, and after, but it is some of our favorite weeks of the year.

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