Monday, July 18, 2016

Some Sweet Memories

I have a few posts left from our trip to the States and I'll try to wrap those up this week.  We drove home from the beach on a Saturday and got back in the late afternoon.  My mom called to say that she knew we were tired and she brought over a pizza and a few groceries.  How sweet was that!  I am certain there was another reason she offered to bring us supper and the photo below shows it-
Mimi and the boys
She had missed them while we were gone to the beach!

On Sunday morning we joined her for church at Shady Grove in Hazlehurst.  Afterwards she treated us to lunch at the local Mexican restaurant.   My aunt and uncle also joined us. 
Sunday lunch in Hazlehurst

the boys playing on Monday morning in between a lot of errand running

I had a few more things to pick up in Jackson so on Monday afternoon Cruz and I headed north to do a little shopping.  He's a rough and rowdy little boy but in spite of that he makes a pretty good shopping companion.  I actually enjoy shopping with him these days.  He's a trooper!

Because he did so well I rewarded him with some ice cream from Sonic.  Actually I was rewarding myself with a happy hour 1/2 price Coke.  We won't tell him that though. ha  Sonic Cokes are my favorite!!!

On Monday evening we drove over to the Browns for supper and fellowship time. It is always a great time when we get together!

The Whites and the Browns

our family at the Brown's beautiful home

We had pizza for supper and then ice cream.  Here are the kids eating theirs out on the porch.

Cruz had requested for Reagan to do" the blow up thing".  What he was asking for was an experiment using Mentos and Diet Coke.  The Mentos causes the Diet Coke to "blow up" and spew out.  Cruz loves that!

backing up and getting ready

blast off!

He also asked to ride the go cart again.  Here he is driving Sara Madalin.

Malinda driving Ben

Ben on the scooter

the kids clowning around
We are going to miss this family.  They are dear friends.

One Tuesday morning I took my mom to another therapy appointment for her arm.  She has a frozen shoulder and is doing therapy two days a week.  She has five more weeks to go.  Would you pray for it to heal?  

me, my mom, and Mrs. Ann eating lunch at McAlister's Deli after my mom's therapy appointment

I couldn't help taking a photo of this crepe myrtle outside the restaurant.  They are in bloom everywhere right now and I loved seeing them while in the States.  They are one of my favorites!

On Tuesday afternoon we drove down to Brookhaven to see another movie.  This time it was The Secret Life of Pets.  It was really cute and the boys loved it.  It's been almost a week and they are still talking about it.

me and my boys at the theater

When the movie ended we drove over to the Cracker Barrel to meet David's dad and stepmom for supper.  It was his birthday and we enjoyed getting to have supper with him.

Celebrating Paw Paw Harold's birthday at Cracker Barrel in Brookhaven

Wednesday was fun!  I enjoyed a mother/ daughter day with my mom.  We began with a morning pedicure.  It has been our tradition to get a pedicure together before I return to Guatemala each time.  I love this tradition and always look forward to it.

me and my mom getting pedicures

the colors we picked out were Hot Bubble Gum and Cajun Shrimp 
(I most always choose Cajun Shrimp)

Another tradition we have for that day is lunch at Porches.  Here we are with Mrs. Celia, the owner.

That afternoon we took the boys down to the train depot in my hometown of Hazlehurst.  This is a stop I like to make with them when we are home to take a few photos.

Before I knew it Cruz had crawled to the top of the train.  When my state of fright allowed me to speak again I quickly ordered him to get down.  He keeps me on my toes, always.

my hometown

Ben, me, Mimi, and Cruz

 Afterwards we took the boys to see my Aunt Betty.  She is my late grandfather's sister.  It made her so happy to see the boys and love on them. 

Aunt Betty with Ben and Cruz

my mom, my aunt, and me

I love porch swings so getting to sit on hers for a minute made me very happy.

She's a sweet lady!

The rest of our time at home was spent saying goodbye to family and friends.  We had a Wednesday night party with my family and a Thursday night party with David's family.  I'll share those photos next.

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