Sunday, June 12, 2016


I am a little behind on my blogging so this post will be a catch up from photos taken week before last.

 My boys playing outside on a recent sunny afternoon.
Ben (the Hulk) showing me how strong he is.

my sweet Cruz 

We had a fun time celebrating Memorial Day.  We had some missionary friends over for an evening cookout.  We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.  The only photo I took was of our dessert.  How did that happen? ha

our Memorial Day cupcakes I made

Cruz received a water balloon kit for his birthday so one afternoon we had a water balloon war.  That was a lot of fun!

Ben ready for our water balloon war

One of our neighbors came out to join us.  The boys ganged up on her.

She got them back by spraying them with her water hose.

 fun times!

We have had two air units quit working recently.  One of those was in the boy's bedroom.  We ended up moving Ben's mattress into our schoolroom and they slept together on the floor until their air was fixed.   They called it camping out and had the best time.  We had a movie night in there one evening which was a lot of fun.  

my boys "camping out" in our schoolroom 
(The blanket hanging over the window was to help block out light hoping they might sleep in a little later.  It didn't help.)

On Wednesday of that week we were in Tunuco Arriba that morning and then that evening we were invited to an outdoor movie night with some friends.  We had pizza, popcorn, and brownies and watched Zootopia in their front yard.  We love outdoor movie nights! 

outdoor movie night with friends

Our Thursday afternoon Bible study was in the village of Tular that week.  Here are me and the boys hiking the trail to the house where we meet.

Cruz in Tular

Ben resting on the trial in Tular

In Tular with Julia and Nelba who are both from Muyurco.  I love these two ladies.

On Friday night we drove into town to purchase supplies for our upcoming team.  Here is Cruz with a shopping cart full of water and turkey.

After shopping we picked up some supper at the mall food court and then let the boys play a few games at the arcade.  Cruz had received a late birthday gift of tokens to spend there.

having fun at the arcade

David and the boys walking back to our car that night.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key.  David led Bible study in Nearar that Sunday morning and then we waited for our team to arrive that evening.  We were all excited and eager for them to get here.  My next post will be about the amazing time we had together with them.

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