Friday, May 20, 2016

Reading, Raining, Riding, and Running Around

It's been a fun week around here.  Here is a recap of our life lately-

I mentioned in one of my last posts about my boys new obsession with turning their bunkbed into a fort.  I peeked into their room one afternoon this week and found them in their "fort" reading.  It made me smile!
They had left part of it open this time so the fan could blow on them.  It was 102 that afternoon.

"hey Cruz, look at this page"


I was done taking photos when they picked this book up to look at.  If you know me at all then you know I have a huge phobia of snakes.  I struggle just to have this book in my house, ha.

On Tuesday afternoon we got our first good rain of the season.  Praise the Lord for rain!!!  This photo shows how everyone around was feeling.

 My boys playing in the rain.  We really do celebrate it's arrival each year.

 While I cooked supper that night Cruz built some tunnels for his train using Jenga blocks and some cardboard dominos.  He was very proud to show me what he had done.  

While eating supper I got a text inviting us to the circus.  The power was out at our friend's house due to the rain so they decided to go to the circus.  It was 2x1 which was great considering it was our third time to go.  Have I mentioned lately that we love the circus!

On Wednesday morning we traveled up the mountain to Tunuco Arriba.  It is a two hour drive one way to get there.  We spend about 2.5 hours there and then drive two hours back home.  It's a long day.

Mrs. Diana teaching the Bible to the Chorti school children

The lesson was on honoring your parents.  She wore a heart shaped necklace with photos of her mother and father inside.  Here she is showing the photos to some of the children.

Mrs. Diana and the children singing "This is the Day" in Chorti

Chorti school children

school girls in their typical Chorti dress

 This is what my two usually do all the way back home.  It might be a long ride but thankfully it's a quiet one.

 Late Wednesday afternoon it rained again.  Yippee!  My boys were right back out playing in it. 

Cruz wore his hat to keep dry.  It didn't work out too well.

 playing in the rain

That evening we had planned to eat pizza but instead my boys begged me to make eggs, beans, and tortillas.  It really is their favorite meal.   While I made the cheese omelets and beans I sent Cruz to the restaurant next door to buy tortillas.  Here he is walking back home with them.  He was so proud of himself.  It was his first time to go buy them alone.  He is growing up!

It was a rainy night so I decided to mix things up a bit and we ate our supper in the living room floor while watching cartoons.  That was a real treat for my boys.

On Thursday afternoon we had Bible study in Muyurco.  Like every other week before we got started Ben spent his time chasing chickens.  That boys loves chickens!

Here he is petting one the family had tied up.  He said "look mama, I'm petting this chicken and it's not even beaking me".  He says beaking instead of pecking or biting.

When we got ready to leave the family gave us all some corn they had just roasted.  We ate ours as we hiked the trail back to the car.  It's a little tough and chewy but it tastes like popcorn.  We like it.

I snapped this photo as we passed through Nearar on our way back down the mountain.  It is a picture of the land that our Bible study group there is in the process of purchasing.  Lord willing it will be the future site of a Baptist church one day soon.  How exciting is that!  Would you pray for this project and everyone involved in making it happen.

Hooray it's Friday morning!!!  It's also our last day of school.  We are celebrating our little kindergarten graduate today.  I am so proud of him!  We are looking forward to a fun weekend of celebrating the high school graduation of a few of our MK's.  We will be making a trip into Guatemala City to attend their graduation ceremony and receptions.  It should be a fun few days ahead.  Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. We don't know each other and I only stumbled across your blog. My brother in law was the pastor at Union Church for 10ish years and my nieces graduated from CAG. Thanks for bringing back good memories.


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