Monday, April 4, 2016

4 in 1

Sometimes life can get a little busy around here.  But, when we stop to realize that our busyness mostly revolves around sharing God's Word it makes us smile and keeps us going.  We just finished four Bible studies in four different villages over the past five days.  It's been a lot of bumping and jolting around on the mountain roads, but God is blessing and touching hearts.

We began last Wednesday in the village of Tunuco Arriba.  Mrs. Diana shared the Bible story in the Chorti language.  We had a total of 62 kids in the two classes.  They are hearing Bible stories, singing Bible songs, and memorizing Bible verses.  It is a joy to be a part of this study.  Join us in praying for these precious children.  There is no evangelical presence in this large village area.  These little ones could be the first there to give their hearts to Christ and follow Him.  Pray for the sharing of the gospel there each week.

Mrs. Diana playing a memory verse game with one of the older boys.  It is written in the Chorti language.

Cruz in the village of Tunuco Arriba

sweet Ben in Tunuco Arriba last Wednesday morning

On Thursday afternoon we had our regular weekly Bible study with the group from Muyurco.  Instead of meeting in our normal location we traveled on down the road and all met in the neighboring village of Tular.  We had a great service there and it was one of the best we have had yet.  David did a great job of teaching and our group led in worship and scripture sharing.  A few even shared their testimony.  It was great!  In the end when an invitation was given we had two come forward to receive Christ.  What an encouragement that was to us and our group!  Pray for these two new believers and for our group as we begin to disciple them.

our Bible study group hiking to our service in the village of Tular

a video of our group hiking

At one point in our hike we all stopped to watch a young boy who was HIGH up in a tree getting mangoes.  I was so nervous that he was going to fall but I'm certain it was not the first time he had been up there.  Village kids are great climbers!

My guys hiking.  It was 104 degrees on Thursday afternoon.

hiking in Tular

Ben in Tular

a video of the boys hiking in the village of Tular
It was not our first time to be in that village but it was our first time to hike to the home that hosted us.

The beautiful picture that God painted that evening as we drove back down the mountain to town.

We taught in Lagunetas on Saturday morning.  I didn't take any photos nor do I have photos from Nearar on Sunday morning.  Both of these study times went great and we appreciate your praying for them.  We are thankful for the faithful ones who continue to come to these two studies regularly.

This week we will be visiting in the school in Lagunetas on Tuesday.  We will be in Tunuco Arriba on Wednesday, Muyurco on Thursday, and back in Nearar next Sunday.  Pray for our safety of travel and for God's blessing over the teaching that will be done in each of these areas this week.  Pray for extra energy and for cool breezes to blow on these miserably hot days.

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