Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Learning About Easter

We had a full week of school leading up to Easter.  We devoted most of our time to learning the Easter story but we also covered language and math each day.

In math we continued learning to tell time.  We had studied minutes and hours separately and last week's lessons had us putting them together. 
Cruz learning to tell time on the clock

Our language lessons focused on short vowel "i".  We learned several new vocabulary words and completed two new storybooks. 
pages from one of his readers

All of that was fun but our main focus of the week was our Bible lessons.  If there is one thing I have become passionate about it's teaching the Bible to my boys.  We don't have Sunday School teachers or church leaders to help us teach them so the burden lies solely on us.  There was a time that the idea of that kind of overwhelmed me but I have since embraced it.  I think the main responsibility is the parents role anyway and over time God began to show that to me in a beautiful way.  I am now thankful for the role I have in teaching the Bible to them, sharing with them how they can know God, and one day rejoicing with them when they make the decision to follow Christ.  It is a big job, but God is helping me do it.  Would you pray for me?  Pray also for the tender hearts of my precious boys.  Pray that they would hear God's voice when He calls them. 

Our Bible curriculum does not cover the Easter story for a few more weeks.  Instead of stopping where we were, jumping ahead to the stories, and then backtracking to catch up I decided to stop our curriculum and do something different all together.  I found some lessons online that I used for the week from a site called Sunday School Center.  It was five lessons in all about the Easter story.  It was a great introduction and I was able to do a lot of extra stuff to make the stories come to life.  Then, in April, we will cover the stories again in a more detailed way using our curriculum.  In the end our boys should have a good solid foundation of the Easter story.  

We began our school week on Palm Sunday learning the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  I cut up an old sheet and made the boys a costume.  We cut branches from a nearby tree and reenacted the story in our backyard.  It was a lot of fun!

Palm Sunday 2016

"Hosanna, Hosanna!!!"

"Blessed is the King of Israel"

We made this hand and footprint Palm Sunday craft

Cruz's color sheet

Monday's lesson was on the last supper with the disciples.  We baked matzo bread and reenacted the story.

The boys getting ready to make bread.  I love hands on lessons.  They can get messy but they are fun.

poking holes in the bread before we baked it

Our Lord's Supper

We spread a blanket on our schoolroom floor and sat around a small table.  We ate and drank as we learned the story.

I love that smile!  Making school fun is another passion of mine.

Tuesday's lesson was Jesus praying in the garden.  We talked a lot about the importance of prayer.

We also took time to learn about the olive branch.  We watched videos about how olive oil is made and I had some for them to taste. 

On Wednesday we learned the crucifixion story. 
We began with a fun pancake breakfast.

Cruz's color sheet of Jesus on the cross

we used a red marker to draw dots on our hands to remind us of the nails that held Jesus on the cross

We made a crown of thorns out of playdoh and toothpicks

our crown of thorns

Our lunch that day was crown of thorns sandwiches.  I used peanut butter and pretzels to make them.

another Easter craft we made

On Thursday we covered the resurrection and on Friday we did a review of the whole week.
the tomb is empty

our empty tomb craft using Styrofoam plates and cups

our Empty tomb pancakes that we had on Easter morning

I have two Easter story books that we read during the week.

Our school room door for March

Our prayer request eggs that we are adding to our tree each day this month.

Our memory verse was Matthew 28:6 "He is not here; He is risen!".  We sang the hymn "Christ Arose" every morning.  I used our Resurrection Eggs on Easter Sunday morning to review the story again.  

Overall it was a lot of fun.  I think my boys learned a lot and enjoyed the week.  I know for sure their teacher did!

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