Thursday, February 4, 2016

Making Learning Fun

I didn't do a school update last week so this post will cover two weeks of school.

We have been working on the short vowels in language.  I have made several games for us to play to review the sounds and blends.  Anything I can turn into a game or competition really excites Cruz.  We have also been working on vocabulary and sight words.  We are working our way through the Set 1 of BOB books.  Cruz is enjoying those and likes reading them.

Math has been a lot of fun.  Our two most recent study topics have been solving for an unknown and skip counting by 5's.  We have also reviewed counting to 100.  So far Cruz likes math a lot and that makes me happy.

A recent worksheet where he had to use his blocks to find the unknown number.  This week's lesson was a fun challenge for him.

Using homemade flashcards to practice skip counting by 5's.  Ben is like a little sponge in our schoolroom.  He is just soaking up so much!

We finished up a science unit on exploring the earth.  Our last two topics were bricks and rocks.  One of our experiments had us made a brick.  The boys really enjoyed that.

 making bricks

the boys playing in the mud when we were done

Our Bible lessons have covered the stories of "The First Disciples", "Calling the Fishermen and Matthew", "The First Miracle", and "The Paralytic is Healed".  Our new song was "The Wise and Foolish Man".

Here is Cruz's drawing of the disciples in the sailboat with Jesus.

Our memory verses were Proverbs 23:26 and Matthew 6:24.  Below is a video of Cruz saying the first one.

Here are a few watercolor pages the boys have done-

And I'll end the post with our most recent read aloud books.  I ordered the first four of the Magic Tree House series.  So far we have read the first two and my boys LOVE them!  They are very anxious to read the others.  I am certain this is a series we will be reading a lot of in the future.  We do our read aloud time at night before they go to bed and it's our favorite time of the day.

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