Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friendly Visits

As soon as we finished school on Monday we ate a quick lunch and then loaded into the car.  We headed out to visit some friends who were here with a volunteer team last week working in nearby Zacapa.

Ben enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake before we left.  He REALLY enjoyed it, ha.   

Zacapa is about 35 minutes away.  Our friends Allen and Laurelle Stoudenmire have been working in a village in that area for many years.  They help lead teams down to minister there three times a year.  We always try to visit with them when they are here.

me and the boys with Laurelle

me and my sweet friend Laurelle 

We first met Allen and Laurelle the day we arrived in Guatemala- Dec. 28, 2006.  They were at the airport to greet us.  At the time they were serving with the IMB in Guatemala.  We became instant friends and even after they returned to the States we have kept in touch and try to visit when we can.  We just love them!

 Allen, Laurelle, Ben, me, David, and Cruz

Ben surrounded by a bunch of girls while in the village of Conevisa, Zacapa

 From the looks of that smile I'd say he liked it.

We spent Tuesday afternoon and evening visiting with our new missionary friends from Copan, Honduras.  They were over in our area and surprised us with a visit.  Our boys love playing with their kids and we love hanging out with them.  We had a fun time together!

On Thursday we had our afternoon Bible study in the village of Muyurco.  We had a really good turnout and even had a few first time visitors. 

The boys playing in Muyurco before Bible study on Thursday afternoon.  The village kids had tied a 20 oz. bottle filled with dirt to a tree limb.  They all took turns throwing it and watching it swing.  Kids can be entertained by the simplest of things!

 a video of the boys playing in Muyurco

On the way home from the village we stopped by the Lubecks for supper.  Mrs. Diana prepared a delicious meal for us that included a very yummy coconut pie.  We ate, fellowshipped, and then spent some time discussing the Bible study in the village of Tunuco Arriba.  If you'll remember last school year we assisted Mrs. Diana with a Bible study in the school there on Wednesday mornings.  We have an invitation to return and teach there again this school year (the new school year began in January).  Our first Wednesday back there will be March 2.  We are excited about that!  We will not be able to go as often as we did last year but will go when we can.  Would you begin praying for this weekly time of Bible study?  Pray for Mrs. Diana as she begins to prepare and teach there each week in the Chorti language.  

David and Cruz with the Lubecks standing outside her new kitchen that is currently under construction.  Mrs. Diana is a wonderful cook and we look forward to the day that we can sit down and enjoy a meal with them in their new kitchen.

Friday morning we wrapped up another week of school.  As soon as we finished we took Cruz to a dentist appointment to have a tooth repaired.  Later that evening we went to town to buy supplies for our upcoming team.  We have a group from LifePark Church Mount Pleasant, SC arriving on Sunday evening.  We are anticipating a great week together with them.  Until then we are spending our time celebrating Valentine's Day.  David will be leading Bible study in the village of Nearar on Sunday morning and our team is arriving on Sunday evening so we are doing our celebrating early.   I'll share about all of that next week.  Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! 

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