Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Go Tell It On The Mountain

David spent four days last week in the village of Nearar.  One of those days was doing his weekly Bible study.  Another day he attended a birthday party and two days was making visits with his Bible study group.  On Tuesday they all hiked to the neighboring village of Enoja to do a service at a house there.  He left our vehicle in Nearar and then hiked with the group up the muddy mountain trail for two hours.
a view as he hiked

This young girl hiked with them and carried her small child the whole way.  

Some of the Bible study group hiking the trail.

They met this man in the village.  He is blind.  He keeps his face covered because he doesn't want the bad spirits to see him.  He said he carries this stick to fight back at them because they are always bothering his legs.   Would you just stop for a moment and pray for this man.  My heart is so burdened for him.

We are thankful for the love and growth that this group is showing by visiting and reaching out to others in their community.  They also made visits in the villages of Porto Suelo and Muyurco.

On Saturday we were in the village of Lagunetas for Bible study.  It was our first one to do there in a while.  We were excited about getting it back going!  We were quite surprised to get there and find 35 kids waiting on us.  In the past I have only had about 10-15 on a regular basis.  Oh how it thrilled our hearts to see so many new smiling faces!   David taught a Bible story and I did some music.  We then all walked down to the soccer field and played some games.  We used some balloons and a rope from our car and it ended up being a really fun time.

Bible study in Lagunetas

playing games with the kids

We divided them into three teams and did a relay race.  They had to hold a balloon between their legs and race down and back.  It was hilarious and they had a blast.

I loves all the smiles!

On Sunday morning we attended church as a family in Chiquimula.  We do not get to do this often so we always enjoy it when we do.  I think we go more for the boys than ourselves.  I love for them to be in a kids class and sing, learn, and play.  This week they learned about prayer and the fact that you can pray anywhere and at any time.  Cruz could not wait to get in the car and tell us all about it.  He finished up by telling us that he told his teacher "bad guys don't pray because they don't love God".  Oh my.  I'm just hoping that she didn't understand his Spanish, ha.

The kids getting ready to share with the congregation what they learned.

Cruz's card says "thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".  This was part of their presentation.

Afterwards we ate a delicious lunch at Pollo Campero and crashed for the rest of the day.  Here are Ben and I at the restaurant playing with our hats while waiting on our meal.

We are thankful for the many opportunities we had last week to visit and share the gospel.  We are praying that a great harvest will come from the work that is being done here.  Would you partner with us in prayer?  What a great impact you could have on the work here simply by praying.  And Cruz would remind you - anywhere and at any time. 

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