Monday, November 2, 2015

FBC Mt Pleasant,SC October 2015 Team

We currently have a partnership with First Baptist Church Mount Pleasant, SC.  They are sending four teams a year down to work alongside us.  We are loving the relationships that we are building with the members of this church and our other partner church, LifePark.  They not only come down to love on the local people but they love and encourage our family greatly!  We all get excited when it is time for another team to arrive and especially my boys.  They think the teams come just to see them.  It is always a fun week for us.  Here is a look at our most recent team from FBC-

They arrived in Chiquimula on a Sunday evening.  We love that we live right next door to a wonderful hotel where we can put our teams.  It is very convenient for our family to have them so close by.  It also allows us to be able to walk over and enjoy meals with them at the hotel restaurant.  Then several nights during the week we like to host them in our home for devotion, dessert, and fellowship.  The boys love showing the teams their room and toys.  I love getting to play hostess and David loves the adult company. 

the team in our home on Sunday night

This is just a few of the goodies they brought down on this trip.  Yum!

having an evening devotion in our living room

Here are Kristen and Anne playing games with the boys one night after devotion.  

The boys and I stayed home and did school during the day.  The team divided into small groups and made door to door visits praying, encouraging, and sharing the gospel in the villages of Chanco and Corral de Piedras each day.  They were also handing out flyers inviting everyone to movie night in the village.  Two evenings we showed the film "The Hope" in the villages.  We had a good turnout both nights.  The boys and I would join the team in the afternoon and evening for the movie.

Here is Erin playing cards with the boys in the village of Chanco while we waited for the movie to start.

David helping set up the equipment in the village of Corral de Piedras for movie night.

The team leader David P. in the village of Corral de Piedras

sweet Ben eating Oreos and playing in the rain

Curtis and Erin playing ball with Cruz in Corral de Piedras while we waited for the movie to start

playing Marco Polo with some kids in Corral de Piedras

Kristen, David, Jimmy, and Curtis

me and Cruz on the road to  Chanco

our family in the village of Chanco

the team crossing the creek in the village of Muyurco

hiking the VERY muddy trail to Bible study in Muyurco

David greeting and welcoming everyone to our Bible study in Muyurco.  We had a nice service there together.  It included worship, prayer, and a Bible study led by two team members- Jimmy and David P.  It is such an encouragement to our group there when the teams join us for Bible study.  It makes them feel a part of something bigger and they love knowing the churches in the States know them and are praying for them.

me and David with our weekly Bible study hostess Nelba

having breakfast in Chiquimula on Friday morning before returning to Guatemala City

an ice cream break at Sarita's in El Rancho on the drive into Guatemala City

Cruz and Erin

Kristen and Ben

 Having lunch at Pollo Campero in Guatemala City

Afterwards we took them to a local  market to do a little shopping.  We also take them by a local coffee shop to buy bags of coffee to take home.

Then we have our last evening meal together at Nais.  It's a good way to end a great week.

They returned home on Saturday and we are always a little bummed when they leave.  We laugh a lot while they are here and it does our hearts good.

Two weeks from today we'll get to do it again.  Our last team of the year arrives on the 16th.  They will be from LifePark Church in Mount Pleasant, SC, our other partner church.  They are sending down three teams a year.  We are looking forward to their arrival and another good week of partnering together for the glory of God.

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