Monday, September 28, 2015

F is for Fun

Last week's homeschool lessons focused on the letter F in language.  Our daily themes included fans, flags, fish, fall, feet, farm, foxes, friends, frogs, and firemen.  We did number recognition and writing numerals in math.  Our Bible stories were "God Promises A Son" and "Abraham's Guests Destroy Sodom".  Our memory verse was Acts 16:31 and our new song for the week was "The B-I-B-L-E".  We had a really fun week in Science learning about floaters and sinkers.  My boys really enjoyed those hands on lessons! In our nightly read aloud time we began reading Charlotte's Web.   Here is a look at our week-

Our curriculum teaches F is for fan.  We made these paper plate fans on Monday and used them the rest of the week to help keep cool.  Here are the boys fanning and snacking during our morning story time.

Cruz painting a letter F like the American flag.

our letter F flag craft

We began working on fall crafts.  Here is Ben one night making leaves to hang on our school room windows.  I cut out the patterns from construction paper and they cut and put tissue paper on the insides.  I covered them in contact paper.

Cruz filling in the missing numbers on a math sheet.

Tuesday's theme was fish.  Here are the boys doing watercolor painting on paper plate fish.


One day in Science we collected objects to see what things floated and what things sink.  We did this with things inside the house and then with things we collected on a nature walk.  My boys really loved this theme!

Does it sink or float?

floaters and sinkers

He had to log each item into his science workbook and another day I had him draw them in his science journal.

Here are the boys giggling as I painted their feet for a fun craft we did.

How cute are these?

Wednesday was the first day of fall and even though we don't have seasons here in Guatemala I was still very excited.  I love fall and always get a little homesick this time of the year. 

For our "first day of fall" breakfast I made letter F pancakes.

We also began decorating our school room for fall.  We put our leaves in the windows and colored a few things for our door.  I also hung our fall banner that we made last year.  We'll add more throughout the season.
Here is a closer look at our leaves and acorns.  Next I plan to add a few pumpkins.

We read "The Foot Book" by Dr. Seuss and made these.  My boys love that book!

Another science experiment was called "Pennies in a Cup".  We don't have any pennies so I used Guatemalan coins instead.  The object was to take a full glass of water and see how many coins you could add before it spilled over. 

It was really cool to see how the water would bulge over the top as the glass filled with coins.

On Wednesday night we had friends over for supper and play time.  Friends was another letter F theme we talked about last week.  The boys had a great time playing with these other MK's while the adults laughed and talked for hours.  It was a really fun night!

I made these fish cupcakes for the boys to share with their friends that night.

Thursday we learned all about foxes.  Here are the boys watching some YouTube videos about them.  We also read the Aesop's fable "The Fox and the Goat".  We spent some time reading about farms and farm animals too.

a cute fox craft we did on Thursday

Our themes for Friday were frogs and firemen.
F is for frog

Frog coloring sheets and a fun song we learned.  My boys have sung it over and over again.

letter F frog craft
(the black dots are flies)

We read about firemen and did a fire coloring sheet.  We also baked cookies and made a thank you card to take to our local fire station.  You know my boys loved that!

Cruz giving a card and cookies to the Chiquimula firemen.

And because I have included it on all of my other homeschool posts here is Cruz saying his memory verse of the week on Friday morning.  I love that he is hiding God's Word in his heart!!!

So that is our week.  As I wrote on the blog title- it was a fun one!  Homeschooling, although a great challenge, can be very rewarding.

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