Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FBC Mt Pleasant, SC July 2015 Team

Last week we hosted another team from our partner church First Baptist in Mount Pleasant, SC.   They are sending four teams a year down to work with us.  This was their third team this year.  We had a great week together and love the relationships that we are forming with the church members.  They are a great group to work with and we look forward to more opportunities in the future to have them here with us.  Here are some photos of our week-

They arrived in Chiquimula on Sunday evening.  After getting checked in to their rooms we walked over to the hotel restaurant for our first meal together.  I love that we live right next door to the hotel and restaurant.  It is very convenient for our family when we have teams and guests.
our first team meal together

After eating everyone came over to our house for the evening devotion.  We had them over a few nights during the week.  It is a joy to have folks in our home especially when we are singing, praying, and sharing God's Word together.

a team photo

We spent the first 2.5 days in the village of Chanco.  The team did praying walking, door to door visitation, and worked with the kids in the school. 
arriving in the village of Chanco and getting ready to start our first day

one of the small groups prayer walking

Mr. Dave on a trail in Chanco

Tiffany in Chanco

We had our picnic lunches at the school.  Here is David making sandwiches for the team on Monday.

Kristen and Tate in Chanco

my boys helping Jenna get the crafts ready

Tiffany, Ben, Tate, Karly, and Cruz playing after supper on Monday night

Tuesday morning in Chanco.  Getting ready for another fun day in the village.

Everyone was divided into small teams to make visits.  This is our team making a home visit in Chanco.

Pablo teaching the school kids a Bible song.  We were given permission to work with the school kids during their hour long morning break on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Playing with the school kids in Chanco. 

On Tuesday evening we had everyone over at our house for supper.  We had pizza delivered and I had a cake to go with it.  After our meal and devotion we played games.  It was a fun evening.

Here is most of the team on Wednesday morning getting ready to leave the hotel.  The morning was spent in Chanco and the afternoon was spent prayer walking and visiting in the neighboring village of Corral de Piedras. 

Cruz and Ben with Miguel and Pablo before leaving the hotel on Thursday morning.

We spent the first part of Thursday in the village of Nearar.  Here we are about to begin our hike to our Bible study there.

hiking in Nearar

hiking in Nearar

arriving at the place where we have Bible study in Nearar

Erik, Pablo, and Reyes in Nearar.  Erik led our discipleship time there.

praying over the believers in Nearar

some of the believers in Nearar

Sharon loving on a child in Nearar

Phil, Karly, David, and Erik in Nearar

Sharon and Jenna making sandwiches for the team on our roadside picnic


Karly, Cruz, and Kristen

Hiking to Bible study in Muyurco

Jenna sharing a Bible story with some kids in Muyurco

We were excited that the team got to attend our weekly Bible study in the village of Muyurco.  We had a great turnout and because of the large crowd we had to meet outside on the dirt patio.  Here are some of our regulars leading in worship.  They were all very happy to have the team there to love on them and encourage them. 

Another team photo after our last evening meal in Chiquimula.

We traveled into Guatemala City with the team on Friday.  We took them to shop at a local market and enjoyed our last meal together at Nais.  They were on a midnight flight back to the States which meant they left about 10:00 that evening headed to the airport.  We were very sad to see them go but thankful for the great week that we got to experience together.  The locals enjoy having the teams come down to see them but I think our family enjoys it the most.  It is hard work hosting teams but the love, support, and encouragement they show us is priceless.  It is like a little bit of home coming down every so often and it lifts our spirits in ways we cannot explain.  We are already looking forward to the next group that is coming in the fall!

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