Friday, July 24, 2015

Some Things Are Ending And Some Things Are Starting To Begin

We have had a busy week around here but it has been very good.  Tuesday David joined Noe and Obando (both are Ag leaders from Honduras) to make some visits in Lagunetas.   While out he also visited in Churischan and Chanco.   Ben and I spent the morning at home.   We did a little "school" together.  He asks almost daily to "do homeschool".  He notices that his brother has homework and things to do for school and he wants to do the same.  I have started working with him some on his letters and numbers.  

A is for Apple

Cruz came home from school with a note about an upcoming project on water animals.  They were studying water animals at school this week so each student had to pick one to present to their class.  He chose sharks.  The assignment was to make a poster about his animal and be prepared to orally share 4-5 facts about them to his class on Friday.  Here he is painting the ocean on his poster.
He is crazy about sharks!

Here is his poster.  I didn't even notice that I had used the word "sharks" instead of "tiburones" until I had printed it out and glued it onto his poster. I told him he could just use that as an opportunity to teach his class a new word in English.  ha

On Tuesday night we had homemade chili for supper.  While it was cooking I had the idea to fry some French fries and ended up making chili cheese fries.  This was not the healthiest of meals but it was oh so good!

On Wednesday morning we headed up the mountain to Tunuco Arriba to have our clausura (closing ceremony).  It was our last time to meet there for this school year.  We are excited to have an open invitation to return next January and teach there again.  

Here is a little video I took on the drive up.  We had been riding off road almost an hour already when I took this video.  To get the full effect you need to bounce up and down in your seat and rock yourself side to side really forcefully over and over and over again.  ha  Our old bodies take a good beating every week when we travel there.

Here is a video of us arriving in the village.  The road we travel ends at the school building.  I love how the kids were out in the road waiting for us to arrive.

Some of the kids and parents getting ready for the program to start.   We counted roughly 130 of us there.

 Mrs. Diana recognizing the teachers

This is Lizeth the teacher who initially invited us there.  It has been her hearts desire for years for the kids there to learn the Bible.  She paved the way for us to come and share there.  This village has been very closed to outsiders but now thanks to this teacher God's Word is being planted in the hearts of the children.  Our time there has definitely allowed the people to warm up to us and begin to trust us more.  Our prayer is that these kids will grow up with open hearts to hear the Gospel because they were taught it at a young age.

some of the children presenting Mrs. Diana with roses and thanking her for teaching them

Here is a copy of the Lubeck's recent translation project- the book of Proverbs in Chorti. The students that scored 100 on their Bible quiz received a copy as well as those that had perfect attendance.

Mrs. Diana recognizing the students who had perfect attendance

These precious ones made every class that was taught

Here is a video of everyone singing "This is the Day That the Lord Hath Made" in Chorti

The Lubeck's daughter Kathy also joined us that day.  She and her parents sang several songs during the program in English, Spanish, and Chorti. 
Kathy, Mrs. Diana, and Mr. John singing during the program

Mrs. Diana and Mr. John did a puppet show for everyone telling the story of Eve and the serpent.  

It was a great program and everyone there seemed happy to have us.  Coffee and sweet bread was served before we left.  We look forward to having another opportunity to return and share more in the future.  Keep praying for this village and the hearts of those precious children that we have had the privilege to work with.

 If there is an animal around Ben is most always sure to find it.  Here he is playing with a baby chick. 

Here are the boys trying to feed sweet bread to the baby chick in Tunuco Arriba.  They are so funny!

We returned down the mountain in time for lunch at the Lubeck's.  It is always good to sit around their table and enjoy a meal.  She served apple pie for dessert but had cupcakes for the boys- red icing cupcakes!

Do you think they were excited?

Ben after eating his cupcake, ha 

Thursday afternoon we had Bible study in Muyurco.  It is always a highlight of our week.  This week we picked up Reyes and his son to join us.  They are from the village of Nearar.  I love how our work here is more like a community effort.  Encouraging our nationals to work alongside us, having partnerships with Stateside churches, and having folks like the Lubeck's to partner with is a great blessing to us and our ministry. 

David, the boys, Reyes, and his son on the trail in Muyurco.  My boys were racing to see who could get to me first.  Unfortunately Cruz won and it did not settle well with Ben.  He cried (very loudly) for the rest of our hike there.  Some days it's hard y'all! hard!

We had a great service there.  We have been having a group from the neighboring village of Porto Suelo join us.  The believers in Nearar and Muyurco have been visiting in this village and many are accepting Christ there.  Almost on a weekly basis we are hearing of new believers in that village.  How exciting is that!  They are hiking a long way each Thursday to be a part of our Bible study.   There are enough now to consider having a separate home Bible study with them in their village but we are praying about who will lead it.  We would be happy to do it but would love for one of the leaders from Nearar to take ownership of it and do it.  Pray that God would call one of them out to disciple these precious folks.  Pray for us to encourage them and assist them. Also begin praying for this new village that we are adding to our list of "villages we are targeting".  God is up to something good there!

At the end of our service yesterday this young man gave his heart to Christ.  Hallelujah!   Pray for him.  He is from the village of Porto Suelo.

This young man accepted Christ last week and the two young girls are new believers also.  The girls led a few songs during our service time.  That blessed my heart!  We might have a youth group started there before long, ha.

It is now Friday morning and we are tired and dragging.  We sent Cruz off to school for his last day of class.  I'll admit that I am a little sad about that.  The decision to leave him in Spanish school or pull him out for homeschool has been difficult for me to make. I have a peace about it now and my new role as his teacher.   It is not going to be easy but I know it is what I need to do.

 Cruz with his shark poster before leaving for his last day of Spanish school.

His first and last day of school

and he's off!!! When did he get so big??? sniff sniff

We are working today to get things ready for our upcoming team.  We are very excited about hosting another group next week.  They will arrive here in Chiquimula late Sunday afternoon.  Before they come though we'll be doing a Bible study in Lagunetas on Saturday morning and one in Nearar on Sunday morning.  Pray for us.  These are busy days, but we are so thrilled to be seeing some fruit from our hard labor.  God is Good in allowing us to see how He is working and it's just enough to encourage us to keep on keeping on.  Your prayers are having a huge impact on the work here.  Keep them coming!!!

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  1. Wow, such good news about how God is working among the Chorti! Added Porto Suelo to my pray list.


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