Friday, July 10, 2015


It has been a pretty steady week around here.  We began the week with David talking with Bro. Nahum.  Bro. Nahum is a pastor in Copan, Honduras and a ministry partner of ours.  They were discussing an upcoming conference that we are planning to send several of our key village men to in December.  They also discussed an encouragement retreat that we would like to have this fall for some of the men from each village we are working in.  We plan to do an overnight meet and greet/ share your heart/ be encouraged retreat for the men.  It will be a time for them to get to know other believers from other villages and hear the good and the struggles that each are having.  Would you join us in praying for God's timing for this retreat?  

On Tuesday evening we were invited to have dinner with a mission team from First Baptist Church, Lake Wales, Florida.  We met one of their staff members a few years ago when he was down here and have kept in touch with him since.  He leads teams to this area a few times each year and has recently started staying at the hotel next door to us.  He invited us to eat supper with them and then gave us a time to share about our family, our ministry, and how the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering helps support us.  It was a great time of sharing and letting his church people know us as their IMB missionaries.  It was the second group we have met with in the past two weeks.  David had a lunch meal recently with a team from Pennsylvania who has been working for many years in the neighboring area of Zacapa but found out about us and wanted to meet us.  We have been in contact with them through email and this was his second time to meet with them in person.  In addition to the work they are currently doing they are also interested in learning how they could partner with us in the future.   We are thankful for these times to represent the IMB to these Baptist church groups who are coming to Guatemala.
Our family with Barry and Lynn Hooten from FBC Lake Wales, Florida 

On Wednesday morning we were in Tunuco Arriba for Bible class.  Because of a teacher meeting they were not supposed to have school that day but two of the teachers still wanted us to come so they made the long journey up the mountain to open the school for us to have class.  What a blessing that was!  In spite of no regular class that day we still had 59 come to be a part of the study.  And, we had several parents come too.  It was a great morning!

Mrs. Diana and I with some of the students in Tunuco Arriba

Mrs. Diana made some puppets of Eve and the serpent and did a show for the kids.  It was really cute and the kids loved it.

Thursday afternoon we had Bible study in Muyurco.  We had a good turnout there and a fun time of studying God's Word together.

David and the boys hiking in Muyurco

 my boys on the trail to Bible study in Muyurco

About half way through our study a storm moved in and heavy rains came down.  Because the family has a tin roof it made it very difficult to hear.  It was still raining when we left which meant we got pretty wet and muddy on the hike back to our car.   We ended up offering a ride to some who had hiked a long way to get there.  We dropped them off about a mile down the road at the trail that leads to their house.  

It's moments like this that we'll remember for many years to come.  These are good days!

I am glad to see the weekend arrive although we have Bible studies on both days.  Saturday morning we'll be in Lagunetas and Sunday morning in Nearar.  Would you pray for these two Bible studies and pray for us as we prepare and go teach?  We are spending a lot of time in the mountains lately but what a blessing it is to have so many opportunities to share God's Word!  

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