Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Week

We are closing out another steady week around here.  Life is busy this month, but it's all good.  Here are some photos of how we spent the past few days.

Just when I think Cruz is the one with all the personality Ben comes out of his room on Monday morning dressed like this.  He gets it honest.

After a three day break Cruz was back in school on Monday.  The rest of us had dental appointments that morning.   The boys normally see a dentist in Guatemala City but it is not always convenient to go there so we decided to try them with the dentist that we have been using in Chiquimula.  For cleanings I think we'll continue that in the future. 

Ben did great.  He sat very still and kept his mouth opened wide.  It helped that he got to watch "Paw Patrol" while the dentist worked.  When she turned it on he looked over at me and asked "how did she get that here?"  It was as if he was thinking we only had that at our house.  It was funny.

She gave him this lighted mirror to take home and play with.  It will go great with the rest of their doctor tools. 

David spent Tuesday morning in the village of Lagunetas with Dan and Noe making some visits.  The best thing about this visit was that we got permission to return and begin doing Bible study there again.  I know many of you have joined us in praying for that and we now have the green light.  We normally teach on Saturday mornings but this week Saturday was not good for them so instead we'll be going on Sunday morning.  We are very excited to return and share God's Word there again.  Would you pray for us on Sunday morning as we travel there and teach?  David will be teaching the youth and adults and I'll be teaching the children.  After that we plan to get back on our every other Saturday schedule with them.

While he was gone I spent some time in the kitchen baking a chocolate chess pie.  We had company coming after lunch and I wanted to have us a yummy dessert to share.  Our IMB colleagues Mark and Debby Fricke were driving over to spend a few days here doing some surveying for an upcoming team they have. 
my chocolate chess pie

We spent the afternoon visiting with them in our home before they left to do some looking around and attend an evening service.  It was so good having them here with us!

Wednesday's are our longest day of the week right now.  It starts early as we leave to travel to the village of Tunuco Arriba for Bible class in the school. 

This is a photo of the school where we are teaching.  The younger children meet under that patio area and the older children meet inside.  It's a small space and kids from K-5 through 6th grade all meet there together at the same time each day.

Here's a short video of Ben I took while there.  He has always loved to chase chickens while out in the villages.  Cruz used to be the same way.

Our study time there went well.  They will not be having class next week so we have the week off.  It worked out great for us because we have the media team coming and would not have been able to go anyway.

We returned home around 1:00.  That was our earliest return yet.  We had a little time to relax before Cruz left for soccer practice.  He has lessons on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:30- 4:30 with an optional scrimmage game on Saturday mornings.  So far he is loving it, but the heat just wears him out.

As soon as he finished soccer he headed straight to the dentist for a 5:00 cleaning.  He did great also.

Cruz with our dentist and her assistant.  Aren't they pretty ladies!

While David and Cruz were gone Ben and I cooked supper for the Fricke's.  I fixed meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, corn bread, lemon cake, and leftover chocolate pie.  We enjoyed having them around our table and in our home.  I CANNOT believe they were here two days and I did not take a single photo with them.  I have been so mad at myself but am blaming it on exhaustion, ha.

Thursday was spent preparing for our afternoon Bible study in the village of Muyurco.  What started out as a possible every other week has turned into an every week study.  We just decided that if we are free and they are open we'll go every week we can.  The family there is so sweet and warm to us.  We really enjoy being in their home. 
David and Ben hiking to Bible study in Muyurco

Crossing the little creek is one of my boys highlights of every week.  They love it.

So much about our job is relationship building.  It takes time to really get to know people.  We always try to spend time before and after our study just visiting with them.  This week before we got started the kids there showed our boys a marble game they play.  They have a small hole dug in the ground and you have to try to roll the marble into that hole.  That was fun for all of us getting to watch them all try it.  It was also a reminder of how simple village life is.

Look at those shoes y'all!  It just breaks my heart.  Those are a pair of "crocs" and the toes are completely torn open on both shoes.

Here's a short video I took of them playing

from the smiles on those faces I'd say we were having fun

Here's newborn David I've been telling you about.  He turned one month old this week.  That's a proud big brother holding him.

sweet little David

and here's the gorgeous sunset view we saw as we traveled back down the mountain towards town.  We get to watch the sunset from on top of the mountain every Thursday evening.  It's beautiful.  You can see a little of the main road in the bottom left corner.  It's a long way down!

Now we are waiting for 12:30 so we can pick Cruz up from school and start our weekend.  Other than our Bible study in Lagunetas on Sunday we don't have any other definite plans.  But as usual, we always find something to get into.  We have another busy week ahead so whatever we do has to be fun and relaxing.  Hope you have a great weekend as well!  Hasta Lunes!

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