Monday, February 9, 2015

The Weekend

I started off our weekend with a little baking.  I made two loaves of chocolate chip banana bread.  I put one loaf in the freezer and the other may or may not have been eaten in a day and a half. ha  It was delicious.
I love baking breads.

That afternoon the boys played with two neighbor brothers that live nearby.  They spent time on the playground, played soccer, and played in the sand.

For our supper I fired up the grill and we had bacon cheese burgers.  Yum!  To go with it we enjoyed one of my boys favorite snacks lately- lemon flavored Tortrix chips.  We all love them!
Tortrix is one of the most popular chip brands among the locals.  We like the lemon, BBQ, and picante flavors.

David had bathed the boys before supper because they were pretty dirty from the sand pile.  After eating we went for a night walk around our subdivision. 
We made three laps.  The boys rode their bikes on the first two laps.

They then parked their bikes in the yard, grabbed flashlights, and walked alongside us for the last lap.

We ended the night doing something we do most every night- watching Oddbods.  My little guys LOVE this show!

Have you seen this show?  It's silly humor and my little ones laugh out loud.

The boys coloring on Saturday morning while I cooked breakfast.  Ben had a coloring book and Cruz had two sheets from school.  Yes, weekend homework is normal here.

While we were eating breakfast we looked out the window and saw that the peacocks were back.  That's just a fun sight to see out of your window.

That morning we drove less than ten minutes down the road to take the boys to visit a mini-zoo and horse barn.  We had planned on the boys getting to ride a horse but it didn't work out this trip.  Maybe next time.
We all enjoyed seeing the horses.

Next to the barn is a racetrack area.  Supposedly from time to time they have horse races there.  My two enjoyed pretending to be horses and racing each other both on foot and on their bikes (we had taken their bikes to let them ride on the trails there).

David helping Cruz

Here's a video of them riding there.

If you look close you'll see the boys riding in the distance.

We then walked through the animal area.  The first thing we noticed were the peacocks.

and of course we had to spend some time on the playground before leaving.

This weekend there was a large annual bike rally taking place in the City of Esqipulas (about an hour away).  They had around 42,000 registered to attend.  Most of those had to pass through Chiquimula to get there and came right down the main highway we live off of.  We spent a lot of time Saturday afternoon sitting out by the road and watching them pass by.  My boys thought it was very cool to see all of the motorcycles.

He had dressed himself that day, ha.

our family watching the motorcycles pass by

We spent the rest of the afternoon until dark playing soccer and riding bikes.  We hope to put Cruz back in soccer lessons soon.  He is very eager to return.
And we spent a little time doing this- over and over and over again.

David led Bible study in the village of Nearar on Sunday morning.  He's not a picture taker so I never have photos to show of his time there, but it went well.   The boys and I spent the morning playing and enjoying one of our favorite things since moving-
putting our toes in the grass!  We just love having a yard.  Ben's feet are the black ones.  He got those from wearing his black rubber boots without socks.

And we ended the weekend just like we started it, by playing in the dirt piles.  Our two would play there all day long if we let them.
 I don't think basketball will be their sport, ha

and one last photo on Sunday afternoon of them playing (and Cruz pretending that pipe is his snorkel).

I baked a pan of cheese ravioli for our supper and a batch of brownies.  Cruz had asked me since he woke up Sunday morning to make brownies so I made him some. We ate, took baths, and did our best to get those two in bed early.  If I've ever made raising toddlers/ preschoolers in your 40's look easy then I apologize.  It is EXHAUSTING!!!  ha

We are looking forward to a full week ahead.  I'm not sure what all we will encounter but I'll do my best to snap photos along the way and share them with you at the end of the week.  Thanks for reading and keeping up with our little family.  I enjoy sharing our lives with you.  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I came across your blog by accident and I don't recall how. But I love it. Lets me see what missionaries do and how they live. Thank you. -Texas Gal


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