Friday, February 6, 2015

Feeling Weak From Our Week

Whew!  I'm definitely doing the TGIF dance this morning.  It's been a long, busy week in our little part of the world.  Here's a glimpse at our life in pictures over the last few days.

Cruz began the school year on Monday at a new school in Chiquimula.  He had been so eager to go and was super excited when he got up that morning.  I had told him the night before that I was making pancakes for his first day of school.  I mentioned that they would be happy face pancakes.  He asked if I would give them "fire hair".  That is what he calls hair that is spiked.  I did my best to make that happen and here is what he got-
Cruz's first day of school happy face pancake with fire hair

me and Cruz before we left to take him to school that morning

We ordered his uniform weeks ago but it is still not ready.  He will have a white polo shirt with his school emblem on the side.  For his pants he gets to wear jeans (or as he likes to call them "long blue pants").  He is super thrilled about that!!!  He has to wear a black belt and black shoes.  He'll have a smock/ apron to wear over his shirt and some track pants, shorts, and a t-shirt for P.E. days.  So far I've just been sending him in a solid white shirt until we get his uniform.  I think he looks  more like someone from the 50's instead of a 2015 school boy, ha.

Cruz with his new teacher Ms Zulma

Poor Ben has been a lost puppy without having Cruz around.  I think he has enjoyed the special one on one attention he's gotten from us this week though.  He has spent a lot of time riding his bike and visiting the playground.

my silly boy

The daily homework load has given me much added stress this week.  Schools in Guatemala are big on homework and this school in particular has a reputation for a lot of it.  I just think that after 5 hours of being at school a 4 year old needs to spend their afternoon playing not doing more school work.  That's just my opinion, ha. 
Here he is cutting out pictures of school supplies that we had printed off of the internet.  He then had to glue them into one of his notebooks.  We've had to do this same activity with a different theme every afternoon this week.  He's also had several things to color and paint and lots of writing. 

On Monday night we were invited to join a few other families at the mall playland to let the kids play.  While the kids enjoyed being together the adults sat around the table and had a great time of fellowship.  It was a fun night for everyone.
our boys with the Remings and McIntyres

David spent Tuesday morning in the village of Churischan with our Honduran Ag partner Noe.  We are trying to get a training institute started in that village but most of the guys who want to participate are still away working in other parts of the county right now.  It is common for the males in villages to go away for weeks/ months at a time to work in other places during planting and harvest season.  It is a short delay for now but we'll continue to visit and wait on the Lord's timing.
Noe showing Rigoberto one of the projects.   Rigoberto is our contact in that village.

Sweet Ben doing an art project while I cooked on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning when I got up to get Cruz ready for school I put on a crockpot of red beans to cook for our lunch.  It was my first time to make them and they turned out pretty good.  We had red beans and rice for lunch that day.

That evening we had a visit from the Lubeck's, the Chorti Bible translation translators.  They joined us for supper and then we spent some time catching up.  On an exciting note we'll begin partnering with them later this month working in a school in the village of Tunuco Arriba.  We've been given the morning time slot on Wednesday's to go and teach in the school.   We'll have an hour with the K5 and 1st graders and then an hour with the 2nd- 6th graders.  Mrs. Diana will be doing the teaching because it will be in the Chorti language.  Most everyone in this village speaks Chorti.  We'll do music, Bible studies, and scripture memorization.  What an awesome opportunity we have been given to share God's Word in a village where there is no evangelical work.  Pray for us!  Our first "class" will be on Feb. 18.

Our boys with the Lubeck's

In addition to homework we have had numerous requests for things to send to the school and money for this or that.  It's been like a fire hydrant coming at me so far this week.  I have definitely felt overwhelmed at times.  One of those requests was for 30 emptied and cleaned egg shells.  Yes, 30!!!  It took me over two hours one evening to put a small hole in those eggs, drain them out, and get them washed.  I'm still not sure what they will be used for but he had a note yesterday that said to send him in old clothes today because they would be painting their eggs today.  I'll be eager to see what they will be doing with them.
Cruz's 30 empty and cleaned egg shells

This was a really fun way to spend my evening- NOT.  ha

Thursday was P.E. day at school so he got to wear shorts and a t-shirt of his choice until his uniform comes in.  He loves P.E. days!  It was also the birthday of one of his classmates so they had a party at school.  It was a Sheriff Callie themed party. He came home with a blue horse mask that all the boys received.  The girls all got pink Sheriff Callie masks.  He loves birthday parties too!
Cruz coming in the door after school on Thursday.  I saw him and asked "where's Cruz?"

He took his mask off and said "here I am mama!"  

That afternoon we drove up the mountain to lead Bible study in the village of Muyurco.  The boys were excited when I reminded them that it was the village where we hiked and crossed the creek.
David and Ben on the trail

Along the way we let them stop and splash in the creek a minute.  What little boy wouldn't love that.

Here's a short video of them hiking to Bible study.

At one point we had to climb this homemade ladder and cross a barbed wire fence.  You can see the grooves cut into that log for stepping.

David reading some scripture before the Bible study began.  We also had some time of singing led by the man of the house (who has accepted Christ) and some time of prayer.  It was more like a church service than just a Bible study.

Here's David using a picture story book to share the story of Creation.  We'll begin there and continue on with chronological Bible stories in the weeks and months ahead.

Afterwards everyone went out back to their kitchen and were served a homemade lemonade drink.  Ben loved it and kept asking for more. ha

Aren't these two sisters precious!

Here's Anacleto (the man who has invited us there to teach) with one of his daughters.

Anacleto with two of his sons

We had a good turnout for the study and had LOTS of kids running around.  During my time of giving greetings I mentioned my desire to share God's Word with kids so before we left the parents asked me when I could come back and teach them.  We decided that I would do that during the adult study time.  I'll take the kids out like a children's church time while David teaches the adults.  We made plans to return next Thursday afternoon to teach again.  Pray for us as we study and prepare to share with them next week.

Hiking back down to the car.  We had a large crowd hike down with us.

The beautiful sunset we saw as we drove down the mountain on our way home.

It's been a busy week but a pretty awesome one as well.  Sometimes life can feel like a fast moving train.  I'm just trying to do my best to slow down, hold on, and enjoy the ride.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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