Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Few Days In The Capital

We left our area last Thursday morning with the team heading into Guatemala City for a few days.  Now that we have moved it's only a three hour drive.  I love that we have now shortened that trip by almost an hour.  Yippee!!!  Along the way we stopped for lunch at Burger King in Teculutan.
 my little guys enjoying a chicken nugget kids meal at Burger King

The team had given both of the boys a pair of these clear goggles that morning before we left.  They have had the most fun wearing them and playing with them.

One of the team members, Heather, ready to slide with the boys.

head first
(love those big smiles!)

Traffic and road delays were terrible on this trip.  I didn't think we would ever get there.

We generally stay overnight at our mission house but on this particular trip it was already reserved by two other teams.  So, instead we stayed close-by at the Guatemala Baptist Seminary.  It is a little more rustic than our mission house but I don't think the team minded (not much anyway, ha).
The Guatemala Baptist Seminary in Guatemala City

It actually worked better for our boys because there is so much room to roam and explore there.  We took their bikes so they could ride also.  Here they are playing with their swords that the team members made for them in the village (and their goggles too).

That night we walked down to Nais for supper.  It's a favorite place to eat of ours especially when we have teams.  I think this team enjoyed it there too.

supper at Nais in Guatemala City

many of them ordered desserts after our meal

don't these look delicious!

Where we live in Guatemala it is generally warm all year long.  It's not like that in all parts of the country and the Capital is one of those parts where it's not.  It was COLD in Guatemala City!!!  I don't think I took my jacket off for three days.  I even slept in it.  We are definitely not fans of the cold. 

Here's our room at the Seminary.  We ended up pushing all the beds together and sleeping side by side to keep warm.  The boys thought it was a lot of fun to sleep like that.

my little guys at bedtime on Thursday night

On Friday morning we all went to breakfast at McDonald's.  Afterwards the team left for a day of shopping in Antigua and we spent the day buying supplies and running errands in the City.  There is a lot of things we take our kids with us to do, but so far shopping in the markets in Antigua has not been one of those.  Just the thought of being there with them makes my head spin, ha.  It would be a miserable day for all.
my boys at McDonald's in Eskala Mall in Guatemala City

First on our agenda was haircuts for David and the boys.  They were all overdue for a trim.

We let them ride the mall carousel before we left.

I made a stop by the grocery store there to pick up a few things we needed.

goofing off at the mall

On one of our stops in Guatemala City I found these curtains for my kitchen/ dining room.  I think I am going to like them.  I just wish I would have bought one more set and I'm crossing my fingers that they might still have some when we get the chance to go back later this month.

When we were finished with all we needed to do we made one last stop by McDonald's for afternoon coffee and dessert.

That night we stayed in and ordered pizza delivery with the team.  They then spent the evening getting their things sorted and packed to return to the States.

the last devotion/ team meeting on Saturday morning before heading to the airport

Anne, Ben, Heather, and Cruz

last minute playing before saying our goodbyes

The team flew back to the States on Saturday afternoon.  We returned home that day as well and began the dreaded task of unpacking and washing. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone after spending the week with them.  My boys had bonded with several of the team members and were sad.  I'm thankful for the way the team loved on our boys and showed them so much special attention during the week.  I am sure it wasn't always pleasant to have two little rowdy ones hanging around but they seemed to incorporate them well.  Our hearts were blessed by each who came and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

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  1. We loved having your boys with us everyday. They brightened our week! Miss you guys and can't wait to see you again.


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