Monday, January 5, 2015

Little Guys, Big Fun

Here are a few photos of my guys playing over the weekend.  Other than our Bible study on Sunday morning we didn't have much going on this weekend.  I mentioned in my last post about our upcoming move so much of my time was spent getting some more things packed up.  We've been in packing mode for about a month now and are getting down to just the things we need for daily living for the next few weeks.

Cruz made me smile when he walked in the living room on Friday pretending to be a Ninja Turtle.  He doesn't have a shell for his back so instead he had taken his bike helmet and strapped it around his waist as a pretend turtle shell.  Kid's imaginations just amaze me sometimes.

Here are my little guys in a rare sweet moment.  It's hard for me to really see all the sweetness though because when I look at this photo all I see is this...
LOOK AT THOSE FEET!!!  That's a sure sign of a little boy who has played hard all day. 

The boys played with their new Legos on Saturday morning.  Cruz called me into the living room to show me what he made.  He said it was a high dive and the blue part below was his swimming pool.

I thought he did a great job!
Here are David and Ben playing with our Big Wheel.  Before I snapped this picture Cruz was playing with them but when I ran to grab my camera David accidently backed over his toe.  So, while I took the picture Cruz was standing beside me, grabbing at my leg, and crying loudly, very loudly. 

and here he is moments later in the swing.
We didn't go into town for our normal Friday night outing but instead went on Saturday night.  We headed to the Food Court for supper.  We had a little fast food buffet of Subway sandwiches, sour cream and onion chips, cheese fries, McDonald's chicken nuggets, and strawberry and caramel sundaes.  Sounds delicious, huh.
While going through some boxes in our store room I ran across and old Atari game system that some friends of ours had shipped us several years ago when we lived in Coban.  On Sunday afternoon we hooked it up and introduced our boys to some old school fun.  The loved it!

my little guys playing Centipede

And here they are on Sunday night before bedtime.  They stopped moving long enough for me to take their picture and then...

they were right back to dancing and moving.  They are never still, ever.

And just for fun I ran across this old photo from January 2013 of my baby boys at bedtime.  Oh my have they grown!  It makes me sad but makes me smile at the same time.  These two little guys have rocked our world but I cannot imagine my world without them.  The days seem longer and the nights seem shorter but the love in my heart just overflows!

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