Monday, September 8, 2014

The Weekend

Cruz's school started a fundraiser where the kids can wear anything they want on Friday's and pay Q2. That's about a quarter in U.S. money. Cruz loves the idea and looked forward to it all last week. He chose to wear "long blue pants" (jeans), his Batman shirt, and those black tennis shoes that are a size too big.  I really need to hide those shoes!  ha  He asked me to dress Ben in his Batman shirt also. Here they are before Cruz left for school on Friday morning.
why they squatted down I have no idea

That afternoon we made our weekly trip into town.  We had plans to visit with another missionary couple and eat supper with them.  They arrived back in April while we were in the States and were renting the apartment above us until last weekend when they moved into Chiquimula.  We were excited to see their new house and the boys were excited to see their kids. 
Just look at that excitement.  Cruz chanted "we're going to see the neighbors" all the way to town.  He calls them "the neighbors" and loved having them share our property.

After a visit at their house we all headed over to the food court for supper and to let the kids play.  It was a fun night.
This is a rowdy little crew but they sure do have fun together!

On Saturday morning we headed up the mountain to make a visit but the person we were going to see was not home.  That was a bummer.
But, the views along the way were worth the morning drive.  It's just beautiful!

At one point I looked back and both boys had fallen asleep.  Cruz slept about 20 minutes and Ben slept about 30.  That's the only nap they took the rest of the day!  We got back home before lunch to find the power out and it stayed off until late in the afternoon.  Needless to say it was a long afternoon.

David taught Bible study Sunday morning in the village of Nearar but again I forgot to send him with a camera so I have no photos.    They rest of the day was spent resting and playing.  Here's my boys clowning around and entertaining us.

being silly

We are a week away from the Quince (Guatemala's Independence Day) and I'm looking forward to doing a little decorating this week and getting ready.  It's always a festive time and we are looking forward to it!  Have a great week, y'all!

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