Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Boys At The Dentist

As I mentioned in a previous post the boys both recently visited the dentist for a cleaning.  We use a pediatric dentist in Guatemala City and we really like him.  Cruz has been going there for cleanings since he turned two.  It was Ben's first time to get his teeth cleaned.  Cruz knew the drill and he helped me prepare Ben for what to expect.  By the time their appointments rolled around I think they were both a little excited.

David walking the boys down the hall to see the dentist.

my sweet silly boys

Cruz wanted Ben to go first but the nurse called him back instead.  He did not like that. ha  He did jump right up into the chair though and took it well.

He laid back, was very still, and did just what the dentist asked.  I was proud!

Cruz getting his teeth cleaned

All done!  All smiles!  Unfortunately he has one cavity and two spots where cavities are forming.  That was not good news.  The dentist wants to fix the spots first because they won't require anesthesia and then afterwards he'll fill the cavity.  We made plans to return the next day to start that process.

Benjamin was next and walked right in like a big boy.  He jumped right up into the chair, laid back, and opened his mouth.  I was a little nervous about how he would do but he did excellent.   Considering that it was his first time I was super proud of him!

Of course one of the first things the dentist asked was "does he suck his thumb?".  We are working on stopping that habit- one day at a time.

Ben getting his first dental cleaning

When did my baby get big enough to see a dentist???

All done!  All smiles!  All clear!  No need to return for another six months.  

While David was paying I snapped a few shots out the office window.  What beautiful views of Guatemala City they have!  Just on the other side of that big building is the hospital where my boys were born. 

From this direction you can see one of the volcanoes in the background.

a closer shot of the volcano

I love city views.  Do you?

Here are the boys eating a morning snack before we headed back the next day for Cruz to get a filling. 
Rice Krispy treats always bring big smiles to my boys faces.

In spite of all the preparation I tried to do with Cruz, the next day did not go quite as well.  He was very nervous and pretty much cried the whole time.  It was not a screaming and obnoxious cry but a constant nervous cry.  The dentist was still able to work on him but instead of fixing both of the spots he only did one.  He didn't want the experience to be too traumatic for Cruz so we'll do the rest on our next trips into the Capital.   In spite of him crying I was still very proud of him. 

I only snapped this one picture before the doctor let his chair back and then I spent the rest of the time holding his hand and assuring him that he would be fine. 

So since visiting the dentist what does he do with all of this new dental knowledge he has gained?  Well, he puts his scrubs on, sits us down, and pretends to work on our teeth just like the dentist did to him.  His favorite part is using the drill to "make our teeth better".   He is funny and loves to role play.  Who knows, one day we just might have a Dr. Cruz on our hands.  I'll be needing a good one to take care of me by the time he's old enough to be one, ha. 


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  2. Small kids are so innocent,,they know nothing about their health,,by reacting & crying they show us that in what condition they are? Little child's have caring & loving parents,,if their child's have need good treatment then they follows rules of dentists.Dentist do hard-work.Thank you for sharing.


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