Monday, September 15, 2014

First Time Bowling

We started the weekend off with our weekly Friday night trip into town. Last fall right before we left for the States a bowling alley opened in Chiquimula.  We have been wanting to take the boys since we returned. We got there a little early and were the only ones there.  That was nice.  Here are some photos of the fun time we had-

me and my boys on their first bowling trip

It's been years since we have bowled.  It was a regular activity during our Youth Ministry days.  We talked a little about those fun memories and it made us miss all of our former students.  Those were some fun years!

I think Cruz had the most fun.  He was a big fan of bowling!

For the kids instead of bumpers they have this metal slide.  You put your ball on top, push it down, and then it rolls into the pins.  That's a great idea and the kids loved it.

Cruz watching his ball

We even got to wear the cool bowling shoes, ha. 

David and I have always been competitive with each other.  This night at the bowling alley was no different.  But, just look below and see how it turned out.  Yeah me!!!

The time ran out right before Ben's last bowl but you can see here how we did.  Not too bad, huh.

When we finished I attempted to take a family photo.  This was our first try.  Ben wanted me to hold him and was quite mad about me having Cruz. 

So, we swapped kids and tried it again.  This one was much better.

We ordered some food and then bought some tokens for the kids to play games while we waited for it to come out.
They love to ride these machines!

Something that we love but rarely get here is fried cheese.  The menu offered it so we gave it a try.  It was very delicious and I'd go back just to order that again, ha. 

On the other hand the pizza we got was very disappointing.  I don't think I would eat it again if they were giving away free slices.  But, it was filling and served the purpose. 

Overall it was a very fun night.  The boys had a blast.   I am certain we'll go back and bowl again in the future. 

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