Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pray For Tunuco Arriba

John and Diana Lubeck are the Chorti Bible translation team that work in the Chorti area. They have translated the entire New Testament, four books of the Old Testament, and are currently working on more. They have also been working on a Chorti hymnal for quite some time now. Mrs. Diana has put many hours into getting it written and printed. While we were in the States they completed the project and had a special dedication service. We were sad to not be here to be able to participate.

They are currently working to get it out into the village areas and encouraging Chorti speakers to start using it. The hymnal comes with a set of CD's for those who cannot read so they can still listen to the music. 
The new Chorti hymnal
(This photo was taken in the village of Tunuco Arriba on our last visit there with the Lubeck's) 

A former pastor friend of theirs, Bro. Javier, is their promoter for the hymn book.  He has been traveling out to many villages showing the hymn book and teaching the songs.  He along with the Lubeck's have done several workshops in different villages teaching the hymns.  The Lubeck's told him about us and one day out of the blue he showed up at our gate wanting to talk with us about working together.  He is specifically wanting to help us get into the village of Tunuco Arriba.  We had a great meeting with him and he and David made plans to make their first trip together up the mountain to visit there.

Bro. Javier, David, and Ben

They made that first visit this past Tuesday.  They were able to talk and share with several people that day.  They visited with the teachers in the school and reconfirmed our desire to start working with the children in November when the Lubeck's return from the States.  That seems to be something secure that we will for sure be starting.  They also promoted the women's Bible study that we hope to start there soon as well.  

Bro. Javier brought along a megaphone that they hooked up to our car.  He spent some time sharing scripture in both Spanish and Chorti and also played some music.  Many of the people in Tunuco Arriba are Chorti speakers and most of the women are monolingual.  Bro. Javier is a Chorti speaker.  

They made plans to return again in a few weeks and will be making a few more trips up there to visit before November.  We are looking forward to the Lubeck's return and our partnering together to share Christ in this area.  There is no evangelical work whatsoever in this village. 

Bro. Javier reading scripture from the Chorti Bible in the village of Tunuco Arriba. 

Would you pray for all of us as we try to begin a work in this village?  God is putting together a great team to reach it and we are all anxious to see how He is going to work!

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