Friday, August 8, 2014

A Little Of Our Week

Here are some miscellaneous photos from our week-

As I mentioned in an earlier post Cruz started back to Spanish school this week.   Trying to slow him down every morning to get him dressed is a chore.  One morning I walked into the living room and found him like this-
he had taken his pajama shorts off and was wearing them on his head.  That boy is a MESS!

It has averaged about 97 degrees every day lately.  That is HOT when you don't use A/C.  Trying to cook meals is a challenge in the heat.  I do a menu plan and only visit the grocery store once a week and sometimes only every two weeks.  It helps me stay organized and not have to ask the question "what are we going to eat today???"  We typically only eat out once a week so that leaves me cooking all three meals on the other days.  I try to plan ahead and do most of my prep cooking in the mornings when it's a little cooler before the afternoon heat sets in.  That's all great until the power goes out and then I have no lights, no oven (it's electric), and no water.  My burners are gas so I can still cook on the stove-top but overall it's misery, pure misery.  That was the case on Tuesday.  The power was off from 4:00 until 8:00.  Thankfully I had planned ahead and had most of my meal prepped.  So to add a little fun to an otherwise bad situation we decided to eat outside on the boys picnic table.  It was much cooler there and they loved it!  When life gives you lemons...

supper outdoors- hamburger steaks, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn.  Yum!

Here's Ben watching Peppa Pig one morning.  That is my boys favorite show of all.

I used to love grocery shopping.  Then I had kids.  Anyone else dread it as much as I do?  Even the rare times when I get to go by myself it's still not fun anymore.  Taking Ben is a little easier than taking Cruz but if I have to take them both I would just assume stay home and fast, ha.  I took Ben with me one morning this week while Cruz was at school.  He insisted (very loudly) that he ride one of the coin machines they have inside.  Here he is going wheeeee....
He got me tickled when I went to the check-out to pay.  Every time I would put an item on the belt/ counter he would say "good job, mama, good job!"  I think he's heard that a time or two. 

I love to bake and I have made several treats in the last week or so.  We've had chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, a birthday cake, a chocolate chess pie, and some homemade fudge bars.  Those are Cruz's favorite. 

Cruz enjoying an afternoon fudge bar- with his school t-shirt on backwards.  I don't even ask "why" anymore, ha.

David took Cruz to town with him one afternoon and they stopped by the store to get something to drink.  Cruz picked out a yogurt drink. When they got in the car Cruz looked at his drink as if he was reading instructions and said "It says- strawberry, drink it before you spill it in the car".  That made us laugh out loud!
Cruz's drink that thankfully he did not spill in the car.

We've been redecorating the boys room lately.  This week we finished another part of it by purchasing them a set of bunk beds.  They were over the moon excited.  They slept in there for the first time on Thursday night.  It was Ben's first night in a "big boy bed".  I was excited but a little sad also.  That means it's time to pack up our crib and pass it on to someone else.   

loving their new bed!

So I finished out the week by baking four loaves of banana bread.  Our family loves it.  We have almost eaten one loaf already.  I gave one away and we have two in the freezer.  Afternoon coffee just tastes better with a yummy homemade treat to go with it. 

banana bread

David made a visit to the village of Nearar this week and made plans to get his Bible study back going this Sunday morning.  Would you pray for him as he prepares and returns to teach there again.   Pray especially for the hike in and out of there.  It's pretty brutal!  

We are looking forward to the weekend. I am sure we'll find something fun to get in to.  I'll be sure and post about it next week.  Hope your weekend is a great one too!

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