Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life Lately

As I mentioned a few posts ago we had to spend an extra day in the Capital last week to put our car in the shop.  We ended up leaving it and taking another vehicle home.  We hope to swap back later this week when we return to Guatemala City.  Being there just gave us a little extra time to chill out and catch our breath before we returned to our home. 
The boys on one of our outings in Guatemala City last week.  They look pretty excited, huh.

We spent some time one morning at a McDonald's letting the boys play while we sat, talked, and drank coffee.  Here's Cruz inside the spaceship on the playland.

We ate supper on Wednesday night at my favorite place in Guatemala- TGI Friday's. 

We had plans to drive home on Thursday morning.  Our boys made sure we got an early start.  Ben (my normal late sleeper) was up at 3:30 and Cruz was up at 5:30.  I think we pulled out of our mission house at 6:15 headed home.  The vehicle we were using was  PACKED OUT.  We still had to leave a few things behind because we just couldn't squeeze it all in. 

I kept calling the boys my little sardines. 

all smiles about heading home

We made a half way stop in El Rancho for a bathroom break and to stretch our legs.  We let the boys play a bit before loading back into the car for the second leg home.

We stopped at Pollo Campero in Chiquimula to pick up some chicken to take home for lunch.  We arrived home around 11:00 that morning.  We were welcomed back by these pretty flowers.  They really brightened my day!
our "welcome home" flowers from our landlord

The next several days were very repetitive- lots of cleaning, unpacking, and storing away.  It was some long, hot days but we got it all done.  The hardest part was keeping the boys entertained while we worked because you know they're just a little bit active, ha. 

We let them cool off in their inflatable pool while we worked and then in the afternoons we would all go swimming in our landlord's big pool.  How refreshing!

We had our first accident since returning home on Saturday morning.  Ben (after being told numerous times) learned the hard way not to walk in front of his brother while he is swinging.  The corner of the wooden swing caught him right between the eyes.  Needless to say we have not had to tell him another time to move out of the way.

On Saturday afternoon we drove into Chiquimula to attend a soccer tournament being put on by some missionary friends and a team they were hosting.  It was the second year they have had it. They have fun things for the kids to do so they always invite our boys to join them.  That's sweet!  HERE is my post about our time there last year.
My boys with the clown.

While there they enjoyed jumping on the trampoline and jumping in the bounce house.  They also enjoyed the free popcorn (a lot).

One of the first things we noticed when we drove home through Chiquimula  last Thursday was the big circus tent.  Back in the States everyone was setting up tents to sell fireworks for the 4th of July.  Every time we saw one Cruz would ask "mama, is that a circus"?  So you can imagine his excitement when he saw that tent in Guatemala and I answered yes.  I promised him we would go so Sunday afternoon we went.  The best part was that it was 2 for 1 day.  We always enjoy the circuses that come to our area and we always make plans to go.  Our family loves the circus!

heading inside the big tent for some afternoon entertainment

Our family at the circus in Chiquimula.  Our missionary friend Jessica also joined us.

The circus was very entertaining with lots of animals but the best part was the finale.  They had six tigers.  Cruz was ecstatic!  They did a great show.

They even all jumped through the ring of fire- Cruz's favorite thing of all.  It was a fun afternoon!

Here are the boys ever since-
I have definitely gotten my monies worth out of those costumes!  They are crazy about tigers!

For the most part we are settled back in nicely.  It sure feels good to be back home.  Just about everything has been wiped down and cleaned and I finished up by washing all the curtains this morning.  We are both just a little bit OCD about everything being in it's place neat and tidy. Our house is looking nice and smelling good.  That makes me very happy. 

So, now that everything is unpacked and put away it's time to dig it all back out and repack for our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic.  We fly out on Saturday morning.  We planned our return from the States just specifically to be able to attend this conference.  In spite of being a little tired we are excited about our time there.  I expect it to be very refreshing and just what we need at this time in our lives.  We look forward to the fellowship with the other missionaries and being around those who do what we do.  Our boys will be spending their days doing VBS with the other missionary kids.  They are going to have a blast.  Would you pray for our trip to the DR?  We'll look forward to sharing with you all about it soon.

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