Sunday, June 8, 2014

Family Beach Pictures 2014

We returned home on Saturday afternoon after an eight day trip to the Alabama Gulf Coast. I'll try to share about our vacation this week but wanted to first share some of my favorite photos of the week- family pictures. You know I am crazy about those, ha. We took them on Thursday evening. I got us dressed, set up the tripod, and put the camera on timer mode. Here are some of the photos we got-

these two are my heart and soul!

the sun was just beginning to set and it was beautiful

I love my little family!

Just as we were about to take this one an airplane flew overhead.  You know little boys are crazy about planes.


Gulf Shores, AL

afterwards we lit a few sparklers on the beach

and we played in the sand

and then we went on a crab hunt.  Fun times, fun memories!

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