Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Visit To The Farm

My cousin is a professional cowboy so when we are home in the States I always like to try to take the boys up to his property for a visit.  They both love horses and getting to see them up close and personal is a treat. 

We began our morning with a stop by the local bakery for donuts.  That's another treat that we all enjoy!
my boys love donuts!

My Aunt Nita went with us.  I enjoyed spending that time with her.
Cruz, Ben, and Aunt Nita

They loved playing in an empty stall and pretending to be horses. 

me, Ben, Aunt Nita, and Cruz

They spent a lot of time climbing and jumping on the hay bales.  They burned a lot of energy that morning!

all little boys love tractors

visiting the cows

It was a really fun morning and after a Happy Meal lunch we headed home for long afternoon naps.

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