Friday, May 30, 2014

Missing The Sun

Two full days of birthday celebrating wore me out. So, we've spent the rest of the week just hanging out at home and resting. The weather has been terrible this week- rainy, cloudy, and cool, so it's not like we could get out and do much anyway. There has been no playing in the yard, no trips to the pool, and no visits to the park. bummer! I'm hoping for some sunny days in our near future.
rain, rain go away...

Since there wasn't much to do outdoors we have spent a lot of time playing indoors.  We have colored, painted, done playdough, worked puzzles, and watched a lot of cartoons.  The boys have had fun. We've even spent a lot of extra time in our pj's.  That's always relaxing, right? 
 both of my boys love any type of arts and crafts

 Here's the monster they created.  Isn't he cute.

On Thursday  Cruz and I joined my mom for lunch at Porches.  Cruz has not been there with me since November.  But, when we pulled into the driveway he looked out and said "I remember this place. It's where the lady gives out suckers".  I cannot believe he remembered that but he did and sure enough when I went to pay our bill Mrs. Celia gave him a sucker.  He was a happy boy!
Mimi, Cruz, and me at Porches

Mimi and Cruz

After lunch we drove back to Hazlehurst and decided to drop by the barber shop to get Cruz a haircut.  My boys might be very active and rowdy but when we take them to get their hair cut they are model citizens.  They will both sit very still so much so that I joke that they don't even breath. It amazes us and especially the people who cut their hair.  I'm thankful though because it's one of the few times we get to leave a place feeling a little proud and with no embarrassment. ha  

One of the ladies put these clips on Cruz and it was too funny.  He just sat still and took it well.  We were all laughing.  He's a good sport (most of the time).

Afterwards we made a visit to my Aunt Nita's house so she could give Cruz his birthday present.  That poor child is definitely not been lacking for anything these days!

Opening another birthday gift

My mom cooked supper for us on Thursday night and then we returned home to finish doing some packing.  We head out today on our last big trip before we return to Guatemala.  We'll be traveling to the beach and spending the next week with David's family there.  It will be around 20 of us sharing a 9 bedroom beach house.  Sounds like fun, huh.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and share them as time permits.  I am looking forward to relaxing on the beach, doing some shopping, eating some seafood,  and of course making lots of fun memories.  We're gonna miss these days with family...

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