Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Having Some Fun

Here are a few photos of what life around here has been like lately.
This was the boys last Tuesday night.  At bedtime instead of their normal routine we decided to put a movie on for them in their room and let them stay up and watch it.  You can see by their faces they thought it was a super fun idea. 

On Wednesday afternoon I was in the kitchen doing some work and I looked out the window and saw Cruz pulling his Big Wheel behind the motorcycle.  I could not resist and just had to run outside and jump on it.  Ben joined me and Cruz pulled us around all over the driveway and yard.  I am certain that I had the most fun of all. 

Later that afternoon we headed to Wesson Baptist Church to share with them about our life on the mission field.  We began our visit there with supper and then shared with the children's classes.  After they had a short business meeting we joined the adults and youth and shared with them.  During our time with the children we had a question and answer time.  Many of the kids raised their hands and asked us something.  After a few minutes Cruz raised his hand.  When I asked him what his question was he looked up at me and asked "mama, where did you get those shoes?"   ha  That boy is a mess.  We had a fun time being there and sharing with all of them.

me with some of the children at Wesson Baptist Church

We smiled big when we saw this church bulletin board in the hallway.  It had two pictures of our work in Guatemala on it.  One was a photo of us with the Lubeck's (top right corner) and the other was a picture of one of the Kekchi Bible delivery days (bottom center).  It has Miss Fran and several of the Kekchi leaders in the Coban Association in it.  Both pictures show our language and culture mentors from both Mayan groups we have worked with.  It blessed our hearts to see these on display. 

Thursday was my weekly day to hang out with my mom.  Last week we spent the day in Jackson.  We did a little shopping and ate lunch at Ichiban.  I am going to miss these days when we go back to Guatemala!

Mimi, Ben, and me

What kid doesn't like to play with the mannequins at Old Navy?  Ben especially liked petting the dog.  

On Thursday night we made a last minute decision to go eat supper at Burger King.  Next door to it is a drive thru car wash.  Our vehicle was pretty dirty so we decided to get it washed.  It was the boys first time to experience a car wash and they were amazed.  Cruz squealed and grinned the whole time.  Ben was very nervous and barely moved the whole time.  It was fun to watch them.

On Friday it was "Bring your pet to preschool day".  Of course they only wanted stuffed pets.  Last year in Guatemala they had this day also but it was real pets.  That day was a zoo in more ways than one, ha.  Cruz chose to take his blue rabbit with him.  He loves that rabbit and calls it his baby.  He takes very good care of it and all of his stuffed animals. 

Cruz with his "pet" rabbit

His rabbit came home from school with a blue ribbon around it's neck.  It had Cruz's name on one side and "Friendliest Bunny Award" on the other.  How cute. 

We had a pretty busy weekend and it was a lot of fun.  We began with a cookout and outdoor movie.  Cruz had a tee ball game.  We had a fun family supper outing.  We attended a Homecoming service and also a wonderful marriage conference.  I'll post about all of that soon.

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