Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Family and Friends

We had a pretty fun weekend. It was busy, but good. Here is how we spent our time-
The boys on Saturday morning watching cartoons while I cooked breakfast.   This picture is a great example of their morning personalities, ha. 

Cruz had a tee ball game that morning.  We ate, got dressed, and then traveled to Gallman for his game.  Cruz was happy to have Mimi, Memaw, and Larsen there to watch him.

our family at Cruz's tee ball game

He will only be able to make it to one more game and we are really hoping that it does not get rained out.

Let's play ball!!!

We spent the afternoon in Crystal Springs at Maw Maw Farmer's house.  The boys enjoyed getting to play with their cousin Larsen.  

the kids taking an ice cream break

That night several of us drove to Ridgeland, MS to eat supper at Cock of the Walk.  It's a fish house on the Ross Barnett Reservoir.  We love going there.  The food is good and we also like the views.  

family supper on Saturday night

Cruz and Larsen hanging out on the dock
Another reason we like to go there is to watch the ducks.  I knew the boys would love it.

Here is Ben chasing one of the ducks.

David with his Uncle Charles who was visiting from Florida

On Sunday morning we attended Homecoming at our home church Harmony Baptist in Crystal Springs.  We didn't know who would be speaking until we arrived and we were very happy to see our old friends Joseph and Misty there.  Bro. Joseph and David served on staff  together at Harmony for many years before we left to go to the mission field.  Bro. Joseph was the Minister of Music.  He is now pastoring in Leesburg, MS.  He was invited back to lead the worship for the Homecoming service.  One of my favorite people of all to hear sing is Bro. Joseph so you know my heart was blessed to get to hear him again.  He has an amazing voice.  We enjoyed getting to see their three kids again too.  It's been many years since we have seen them in person and they have grown quite a bit.   Would you please pray for their youngest daughter Emily.  She will be having some testing done tomorrow (Thursday) on her heart.  She had heart surgery as an infant and she did not get a good report at her recent checkup.  Because of that they will be having to go in and take a closer look to see if there might be some new problems.   I cannot imagine having to face that with one of my children, could you?  Would you pray for them!

The Oster's and The White's

My favorite part of the whole weekend came on Sunday night.  We drove to First Baptist Jackson, MS to attend the "Love Worth Fighting For" marriage conference.  Our friends Reagan and Malinda invited us to attend with them.  All she had to say was Kirk Cameron and I was eager to go.  What young girl wasn't crazy about Mike Seaver growing up.  He was soo dreamy, HA.  The conference was wonderful!  What a blessing it was to our marriage to get to attend it.  Kirk is an amazing speaker.  The music was great, the message was great, and I just cannot say enough great things about our time there.  No marriage is fireproof and we all need to be reminded just how much the family is under attack these days.  We need to fight to keep our families strong because the world is fighting to destroy them. 

They have six more conferences coming up.  If one is taking place in your area I would encourage you to go.  You will be blessed!

Kirk Cameron
I love the way he has used the platform he has been given to share Christ with the world.  He could have chosen many different paths for his life but I'm glad to see he chose to follow Christ and live for Him. 

After the conference we stopped for a late supper at Back Yard Burgers in Byram.  The Brown's joined us.   We chose that location because of the indoor play land.  The kids did play a little and let us visit- a little.  There were two couples sitting across the restaurant from us just sitting, talking, and laughing together.  It was a  perfect picture of what our lives used to be just a few short years ago.  Much has changed in our two families.  We still sit, talk, and laugh but it's a LOT louder these days and a LOT busier. 

me and my friend Malinda

Ben, Sara Madalin, and Cruz before we left- live wires!!!

So as you can see we had a pretty good weekend.  It was filled with family, friends, and a lot of fun.  We're going to miss these days and these times of being together with those who love us most.

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