Friday, April 11, 2014

Sick Little Ben

Most of our week has been filled with taking care of a sick little Ben.  He started running fever on Monday night/ early Tuesday morning and up until early this morning was still running fever.  We took him to the doctor on Wednesday to get him checked out.  The best we could determine he has an ear infection and he is taking antibiotics.  He has not felt good all week and has been a terrible sleeper- both day and night.  We have had three LONG, sleepless nights with him.  He has been up from about 1:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. for the past three nights straight.   We're not spring chickens any longer and the lack of sleep is just brutal on these 'ol bodies, ha.   So far it's been a fever free day today.  We hope it continues through the night.   We have a busy weekend ahead and we'd love for him to be able to get out and enjoy it.  Would you pray for our sweet little Ben to be rid of this fever for good? 
Here are a few photos I took of him at the clinic. 
playing while we waited to get called back 

He is 34 inches tall and weighs 23 pounds 

look at that smile- he doesn't look very sick does he 

"say cheese, mommy" 

The clinic has several quotes placed on the walls in every room.  I love reading them.  This one says it all!!!

I love the look on his face here.  He sat very still and quiet while the doctor checked him out but he was not quite sure he liked it, HA.

From the best I can remember this was the first time he has had to see a doctor for being sick.  He's only had his well baby check-ups so far and he'll be two next week.  I'd say that is a huge blessing!!! I hope I never take for granted having fairly healthy kids. 

Another thing noteworthy about this visit was our visit with the nurse.  We were all at this clinic back in December to have the boys lead levels checked.   We first met her then and shared with her about living in Guatemala and what we do there.  She told us that she has been thinking about us lately and just the day before this visit was trying to remember our names so that she could contact us.  She was wanting to know about coming down to help us.  Well, imagine her surprise when she saw us in the clinic that day.  I love how God works those details out.  We were able to talk with her more about Guatemala, swap contact information,  and discuss the possiblilty of her coming down next summer and working with us a week.  That would be fun and so we'll see where it goes.

I saw this sign while checking out.  I love what it says and it's something I pray regularly for my boys.  I hope they never follow anyone else's dreams for them but follow the Lord's and His alone.  And whatever He calls them to do I pray they do it well.

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