Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014

This was the first time in eight years we have been in the States for Easter Sunday.  It was our boys first time ever.  It was also their first time to get Easter morning treats and our first time to dress up and go to church as a family to celebrate.  I did enjoy it very much and mostly because who knows how many years it will be before we'll get to do it again.  Here is how we spent our day-

Almost every occasion these days in our home has a super hero theme.  I love having boys!  This is their Easter morning surprises.

Cruz gets SO excited and the expressions on his face make my heart smile.  Ben, on the other hand, does not always wake up in a great mood so it takes him a while to warm up to the excitement.

checking out their new stuff 
After a French toast breakfast we went out back to take pictures.
Our family on Easter Sunday 2014 

Sweet brothers
David had the bright idea to tell them to say "wee wee" to get them to smile.  Well, they smiled, BUT they also grabbed their "wee wee's".   Life with boys...

We went to church with my mom at Shady Grove Baptist in Hazlehurst.
Mimi, Cruz, me, and Ben 
After church we drove to Crystal Springs to be with David's family.  We all gathered at his grandmother's house.  We had a huge covered dish meal and then had a little family birthday party for Ben.
Happy birthday, again, sweet Ben! 

Since it was Easter Sunday I decided to just do an Easter themed party.  David's Aunt Libby always makes a rabbit cake every year so I told her to put Ben's name on it and we'd use it for his birthday.  I bought this cute pinata at Wal-Mart and a few decorations at the Dollar Tree and we were set. 

Ben's rabbit birthday cake 

the boys immediately started picking the M&M's off and eating them

Ben blowing out his #2 candle.  This is the same candle Cruz had when he turned 2.  I think I'll continue that tradition for years to come.

Why wait for a knife to cut the cake and plates to serve it on.  Let's just dig in and enjoy it NOW.  ha

opening birthday presents 

No party would be complete without a pinata.  That was the Guatemala touch I added to this party.

This is Cruz's favorite part of any party.  Why?  because pinatas equal candy- lots of candy! 

Larsen, Sawyer, Kaylie, Ben, Zack, Brandon, and Cruz

we then had a family egg hunt 

Later that afternoon we went for a walk around town.  It's one of my favorite things to do when we are at Maw Maw's house. 
Ben loved playing in the town water fountain. 

I always like to take pictures of the kids in the town Magnolia tree. 

Crystal Springs is David's hometown.   

Larsen and Cruz 
As we walked we saw this beautiful flower covered cross at the Methodist Church.  It was beautiful! We ended up returning to take a few family pictures in front of it.
Those are real flowers.  Isn't it pretty! 

our family at the cross 

 Ben, Robin (David's sister), Maw Maw Farmer, Larsen, Memaw (David's mom), David, and Cruz

Ben, me, Robin, Maw Maw Farmer, Aunt Terry, Aunt Lisa, Larsen, and Memaw Linda

Isn't this gorgeous!!!  It was dark by the time we returned to our home but we got to enjoy this beautiful sunset on the drive back.  What a pretty way to end our fun day.  We hope you had a happy Easter as well.  We were very thankful to get to spend ours with family this year.

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