Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun Time At The Circus

On Wednesday night our family headed to Crystal Springs to attend the Star Family Circus. The low that night was 26 COLD degrees.  I was not thrilled about getting out in that weather but there was no way I could tell Cruz we weren't going.  He was so excited! So we dressed them warmly and headed out.

My boys on the way to the circus.  You can tell Cruz was overjoyed.

We stopped for supper on the way at Stark's in Hazlehurst.  While waiting for our food David entertained the boys with games on his phone.

Most of the circus performers were Latin.  To us it was just like being at a circus in Guatemala.  They did a lot of the same acts.  There were also a lot of Latin's in the audience.  It made us feel at home, ha. 
David and Cruz

me and Ben

Our family at the circus
Memaw, Larsen, and Aunt Robin were there too.

I LOVE going to the circus.  It's just fun.  The boys love it too.  Cruz's favorite part was the clown's and the motorcycle that rides in the round cage.  He has seen that several times before and always loves it.  He missed seeing tigers and has let me know it many times.   I think Ben's favorite thing was the popcorn and cotton candy, ha.   It was a fun night. Even though it was freezing cold outside and we got home late I was glad we went.  Cruz has not stopped talking about it since.

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