Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Our Christmas Day morning began around 6:00 when Cruz climbed into our bed. I love that both of our boys like to climb in bed with us when they wake up. He tossed and turned and begged to go see his new toys so we finally woke Ben up around 6:45 and let them head into the living room.
A quick photo of the boys on Christmas morning before opening gifts.  You can tell Ben has that just woke up, what's going on look.  Poor baby was very confused.

This is one of my favorite photos.  It's Cruz as he walked into the living room and saw all of his stuff.  He was super excited!
They both ran and jumped into one of their new cars first.  They got a Jeep and fire truck.  The Jeep runs off of a battery.  The firetruck you have to pedal.   When Cruz first jumped into that Jeep he said "hey daddy, we can ride this to the villages".  It blessed my heart to hear him say that. 

after a few moments Cruz looked around and noticed there were presents under the tree

opening gifts

Cruz got a lot of gifts but this one was my favorite.  It was an old Hot Wheels collection case full of Hot Wheels that were David's as a child.  We have about 6 of those cases full in our storage stuff.  We picked one case and filled it full with handpicked cars that we thought Cruz would like.  Maybe over the years we can eventually give all of them to both of the boys.  I hope they enjoy them as much as David did. 

So far Cruz has had a blast playing with these.

When all was said and done he stood up and said "but where's my skateboard?".  I am glad I had my camera handy to capture it, ha.

I told him that he had to keep looking.  I had hidden it under the Christmas tree skirt. 

That smile says it all!

They spent some time playing while I prepared breakfast

they have both enjoyed this tiger suit

For breakfast I cooked Strawberry & Cream Cheese stuffed French toast.  It is a Paula Deen recipe I found online.  We also had bacon.  It was delicious.  Cruz got a real camera for Christmas.  When he came to the table he sat there for a minute and then jumped down and said "I'll be right back".  He ran into the living room, got his new camera, came back, and took a picture of his plate.  He said, "mama, I have to have a picture of my food".  I just died out laughing.  He got that honest!  ha  He has since taken pictures of EVERYTHING he encounters.  I think it is one of his favorite gifts.

Mid-morning my dad came down to see us.  He brought gifts for the boys and we had a few gifts for him too.  He also ate lunch with us.

For our Christmas lunch we had baked ham, homemade macaroni and cheese, baked green beans, and baked sweet potatoes.  I also had some Christmas shaped jello jigglers for the boys.  We had chocolate cake for dessert.

After long afternoon naps (Cruz slept 3 hours and Ben slept 4) we spent some time outside letting the boys play in their new Jeep.  They had soo much fun riding around.

My mom came down later that afternoon and brought gifts for all of us. 

We ate leftovers for supper, and then watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas".   Afterwards we went outside and lit a few sparklers. 

It was a fun Christmas day and we enjoyed spending it quietly at our home.

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