Saturday, December 14, 2013

We Had Georgia On Our Minds

We got up on Thursday morning, ate a full hot breakfast at the hotel, and then checked out and continued on our journey. We were a little over half way to where we were going.
Even though the boys slept good the night before they still fell asleep soon after leaving the hotel.  They might be rowdy when we are out of the car but for the most part they travel very good in the car.

We stopped for lunch at Zaxby's just on the other side of the Georgia state line. 


As we were leaving we ran into "Santa".  He stopped just long enough for me to snap a quick photo and gave Cruz a candy cane.  When we got back in the car and were pulling away Cruz says, "mommy, I forgot to tell Santa that I want that blue skateboard".   I had taken him with me to the dollar store the day before we left for this trip and he spotted a blue skateboard and has had his heart set on it for Christmas ever since.  That is all he talks about!  Thankfully they still had one when we got back to Mississippi and even though I do not want him to have it, I think he will be terribly disappointed on Christmas morning if it's not under the tree.  So, we bought one. 

We arrived mid-afternoon at the Pearson home in Newnan, GA.  They were our hosts for most of the trip.  It was their church that we would be speaking at.  We first met them back in March 2007 when they led the first volunteer team that we ever worked in Guatemala.  We fell in love with them right away.  Their family is one of the most precious, loving, giving families that we know.  We have seen them several more times since that first encounter and every time we are with them we leave feeling very blessed.  They just love the Lord and it shows in everything they do.  They are precious, precious folks!!!

me and Mrs. Joyce before we left for a ladies banquet at her church
That night her church was having a Christmas missions banquet for the ladies.  Everything was decorated very beautifully.  They served a delicious meal.  And, the program was all about missions.

some of the ladies as they arrived and were seated

This is the table where I sat.  Isn't it pretty!

A few of the men dressed up and were the servers.  This is me with Mr. Gary (Mrs. Joyce's husband).  I just love him!

The meal was buffet.  This is my plate.  I had pork tenderloin, potatoes, brussel sprouts, salad, and an orange roll with cranberry butter.  We had a chocolate dessert to go with it.  It was delicious!

After eating, the program began by a reading of the Christmas story.  We then had someone share about a recent mission trip they took to Guatemala back in October.  She did a slide show of her trip and shared about her experience.  Afterwards Tonya (the Pearson's daughter-in-law) shared about an upcoming medical trip they have to Guatemala next year.  She shared about what they would be doing and the needs that they have for the trip.  I was up next and shared some of my testimony and call to missions.  I also shared about our work in Guatemala and left them with a challenge to be "on mission" as they go throughout their daily life.  We closed with a song and then had some fellowship time before returning home.  It was a wonderful evening and I was glad to get to be a small part of it.

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