Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho

 Last Saturday my mom invited the boys to go see Santa at her work.  We met her there that afternoon and Cruz was very excited.
my mom with the boys
She had those cute shirts made for them just to wear that day.  She knows that I am crazy about matching holiday themed shirts!

Ben went first and as you can see he was not a fan.  My poor baby was so scared.  It helped a lot when we got Cruz to join him.

everything is better with a brother by your side!

My sweet boys sitting on Santa's lap for the first time.

Cruz had a turn by himself and told Santa that he wanted a blue skateboard.  I asked him what else he asked for and he said "that was all". 

my mom and I joined the boys for a photo with Santa

My mom works at a nursing home so after taking pictures we spent some time walking around visiting many of the residents in their rooms.  They loved seeing the boys and my mom loved showing them off.  I loved the decorations that many of them had out.  Several of them had beautiful wreaths hanging on their doors.  Here are my mom and Ben checking one of them out.

We tried getting a picture in front of the nursing home Christmas tree.  The boys had other plans, ha.

my mom, Ben, Cruz, and me

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